09 August 2007

Beach Trip 2007

Every summer since I was about 4 my family has gone to the Outer Banks for a family reunion with my dad's family. The only year I missed was the summer I was in Europe- it is always the highlight of the summer. Even Rob looks forward to it. All in all, there are close to 50 of us; my grandfather and his family, and his two siblings and their families all come for a week of lounging on the beach. This year Max was quite popular- he is the first 4th generation there. Here are some pictures of our week in the sun...

Lazy mornings in the beach house

Max watching Aunt Paige play wii

Playing in the sand... we got lucky, Max loves the beach!

Still happy after a day on the beach

The center of attention

Me whooping all the guy's butts at wii boxing

The kids (most of us) from left to right (youngest to oldest): Max, Kate, Brett, Jake, Kevin, James, Johnna, Laura (my sister), Bob, Bob, Paige (my sister), Chris, Holly, me, Megan, Patrick, Hunter (my brother), Mike

Another of the cousins

Helping to hang the laundry

Benjamin makes faces at the camera (he missed the lineup because he was taking a nap)

Max playing chess

Max playing with the puppy Charlie

Max trying to play wii too

With so many people willing to watch Max, Rob and I were able to go on a couple of bike rides- here I am with my Havnoonian

Taking a nap on the beach

Playing with the water spigot

Chasing the cousins

We had a blast and only got a little sunburned- we're looking forward to next year!

05 August 2007

What kind of European are you?

Your Inner European is Italian!

Passionate and colorful.
You show the world what culture really is.