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31 August 2011

so true.

A friend shared this on facebook a while back and I love it! Thankfully that isn't always the case, but there's nothing like a deadline to squeeze the creativity out of you:)

30 August 2011

sometimes we do this instead of unpack.






It's hard to say no to those faces. Especially when Max willingly wants to have his picture taken.

So who cares if our vacation luggage is still sitting around waiting to be unpacked?

29 August 2011

sunday best!

This week I dressed a little more appropriately for our still HOT weather. Since we've lived here less than a year I have no idea when (or if) fall comes... I have a feeling it's still way in the distance. I guess all my cute jackets will have to wait a little longer to see the light. Anyway, here's what I put together:

dress: Old Navy (I actually bought this dress when I was pregnant with Max. I've always been too small for maternity clothes so I have to improvise. Plus side to that: I can still wear a lot of it when I'm not pregnant anymore!)
shirt: Old Navy (I should just be a spokesperson for them, think I shop there enough?)
shoes: Forever 21 (they were at the top of my list to get with my birthday monely this year!) (these are actually a size too big but I figured for the price whatever. They don't actually make gladiator sandals in my size:( So I was a little desperate)


And my mom has dibs on this dress when I'm done with it so she can cut it up to use in quilts.

26 August 2011

weekly interrogation: Tiffany Goodwin!

This week I'm so excited to have my bff from Oklahoma, Tiffany! She and her husband moved into the same apartment complex as us right when I needed a friend; I'm so grateful she introduced herself to me when we were both paying rent (she recognized me from church since I had given a talk that week). We always joke how me and Rob and her and her husband Chris are clones of each other... we may look different, but Tiff and I have all the same interests and Rob and Chris do too. So we get along great. Sadly, they are now stationed at Ft. Lewis while we are here at Ft. Bliss but we're SO EXCITED to head up there this fall for a visit before Chris deploys (thank you Southwest airlines). Tiffany went to BYU, majoring in Social Work, and met her husband Chris on a blind date... he flew her to New York where he was attending West Point so she could go to a formal with him. Now they are married and are Max and Nick's 'other parents.'


name: Tiffany Goodwin

website: In the works...and hopefully up soon.

1.What do you “do”?

Presently, I am a stay at home wife. What do I do in a day....I sew, knit (thanks to Jackie), go to the library, clean, do laundry, read, cook, look after my parents, manage my dad’s office, run errands, exercise and sometimes, I just do nothing.

2. Why do you do what you do?

I have not been able to find a social work job, and now that summer is here, we have too many things planned, so jobs are on hold. Besides, it is nice being home and available for anything....I keep quite busy.

3.Where are you from?

Born in southern California, but raised in western Washington.

4. Favorite color?


5. Favorite food?

Cliche I know, but I love pizza.

6. Favorite shoes?


7. Favorite place in the whole wide world?

Lake Chelan, Washington.

8. Favorite piece of playground equipment?

Swing....so nostalgic.

9. Your funniest story?

Why is it that when asked this question my mind goes totally blank?! However I do have a funny story about a girl named “La-a.” Let’s just say she is from the south, her mother is uneducated and this poor girl’s name is pronounced “La dash a.”

10. Mac or PC?

Mac. I was a PC until I met my husband three years ago and now I am a total Mac-ie.

11. Manual or automatic?

I drive an automatic, but I have always wished I drove a manual. Since I learned to drive I pretend every car is a manual....I hold the gear shaft as if I need to shift. Sad, I know.

12. What do you consider your best asset?

I can get along with just about anyone.

13. Guiltiest pleasure?

The Bachelorette....or reality TV in general.

14. Biggest pet peeve?

Oh so many....gum smacking is highly ranked, not washing hands after using the bathroom, nail biting. I have issues.

15. What do you consider priceless?

My family.

16. If you could sit next to anyone on an airplane, who would it be?

Someone who either puts headphones in right away or falls right to sleep....I don’t like talking to people on airplanes. I guess sitting next to Thomas S. Monson would be cool.

17. What would you choose as your last meal?

A buffett of all my favorite things. Red Robin french fries, mint chocolate chip ice cream, Sonic corn dogs, sprinkle doughnuts, cheesecake, BBQ chips, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Goldfish Crackers, Cheese-Its and pepperoni pizza.

18. What era in time do you connect with the most?

Present era.

19. Your motto for life?

“Replace every fearful thought with an act of faith.” -Harold C. Brown

20. Best advice you can give?

Sometimes when people need to talk they don’t want you to fix their problems or even offer advice, they just need someone to listen and validate.

(I need to take my own advice....ugh.)

I hope you love her as much as I do!

If you'd like to participate in my weekly interrogation, email me at jaxharmon [at] gmail [dot] com. I'd love to have you!

25 August 2011

i really like this picture.


This was us in May of 2007. Taken in Atlantic Beach NC; Max's first visit to the beach.

Is it crazy that it doesn't feel like it was that long ago? But at the same time it feels like a lifetime?

Time is a weird thing. Part of me feels like high school was forever ago. But then I see something that happened in that same time frame (like a movie or tv show) and it doesn't feel like that happened all that long ago. I think in my head it will always be the early thousands, even though it's already been 10 years. Now I understand all those people who were (or are) "stuck in the 80's."

And I think I will forever feel like I'm in my early twenties.

Does anyone else feel like this? Or am I just crazy?

24 August 2011

just my two cents.

disclaimer: Most of the time I'm not very vocal publicly about how I feel about things that are in any way related to politics, but in this case I wanted to say something. I'm sure there are a lot who don't agree with me and never will, but hopefully I can provide some insight for those who are interested.


Our nation demands much from its military, & the retirement benefits in place are not gifts,they have been earned through blood, sweat, toil, repeated deployments, missed births, birthdays, anniversaries & sometimes loss of limbs or life. Shifting the burden of our nation’s fiscal mess on to the backs of our military-less than one percent of our population who volunteer for decades of service in harm’s way defending our way of life-is morally bankrupt.

-GEN Sullivan, USA, Retired
If you aren't aware, the topic of "messing" with military retirement has caused quite a stir (uproar may be a more appropriate term actually) within the military community.

Personally, part of me thinks "Well, the entire country is having to cut back on benefits and stuff so why should we be any different?"

But realistically, and overwhelmingly, I realize "If the military doesn't have benefits, who will do the job????"

I try to be as positive as possible on here (well, since Rob joined the army. I do have some whiny posts before then) because I don't want to wallow in the bad stuff. This life is hard enough without focusing on the bad; to survive you HAVE to focus on the good. Otherwise you won't make it.

But to be frank, it stinks. Big time. For both of us. Rob works long hours (think 12-14 hour days all week every week. He gets up at 5am most days, but has plenty of days where he has to be at work at 3am. Or 4am. Or anywhere in between. And doesn't usually get home until 6:30/7), plus is gone A LOT (like, all of May, June, and half of July. And random weeks. And days.) Thankfully he's not deployed. But when he is he'll be gone for a YEAR. Not to mention that his job is dangerous. Even when you aren't deployed. The equipment he works with can kill him (and his guys) if something goes wrong. And if you ARE deployed you have the added danger of people trying to kill you. Does any of that sound fun?

But Rob does it day in and day out, and I put up with it day in and day out because of one thing; the life it has provided for us.

It is all worth it because we are taken care of (although to some people that is debatable... talk to a wife whose husband has been deployed 5 times. Or whose husband lost a limb. Or died.).

But more importantly, for my soldier it feels good to know he is a part of what keeps this country safe.

So the least you can do is thank him and his guys by allowing them to live in peace once their time of chaos is over.

And ultimately, it will be MORE expensive for the government if they do change retirement; it will get to the point where the military will have no senior NCO's or officers because no one will have any incentive to stay in. Instead they'll fulfill their contract (usually 3-5 years) then get out because it's not worth it to put up with all the crap you do in the military. Thus there will be a constant turnover, which will cost a TON because all the new people will have to be trained before they can step in to replace the people who left. And if you don't know, training costs a lot. And is time spent not actually doing the job that needs to be done.

Also, if you think the military isn't necessary you are incredibly naive. We have been blessed to not have any more attacks on US soil since 9/11, but it isn't because the world holds us in high esteem. There are lots of people still out there who think America is the enemy and want nothing more than to kill us. You think all the bombings in other parts of the world are completely isolated from us? If terrorists had their way, we would be dealing with just as many bombings (or more). We have enjoyed this safety because our military is the best trained in the world and have been working non-stop (in conjunction with the other government agencies like the FBI, CIA, etc.) to keep the US citizens out of harm's way.

Oh, and it doesn't seem like a good idea to mess with the people who are in direct control of the country's big guns. Just sayin'.

23 August 2011

yesterday's conversation.


Max: "Moom, I watch this?" (holding up a movie)

Me: "I don't think so. How 'bout you help me clean up."

Max: "Nah."

Me: "I think you should."

Max: "No."

Me: "Why not? Are you lazy?"

Max: "Yeah."

At least he's honest, right?

22 August 2011

sunday best

Let's call this week the "wishing for fall even though it's still over 100 outside" outfit.

shirt: Old Navy (just one of their perfect tee's)
jacket: Old Navy
skirt: Old Navy (discovering a theme here?) (and if you haven't guessed, I wear this skirt a lot. Mainly 'cause it never needs to be ironed)
shoes: discount boot store in OK (same as here)
belt: Kohl's (same as here)
necklace: Ten Thousand Villages (on sale for $4!)


And since Nicola officially weaned while we were back east I lost those last extra pounds of "mommy weight" I had hanging around (although I could still do some work in the derriere region...) so I'm fitting back into pre-baby clothes. Which means I have a whole new world of clothes to choose from again! So hopefully I'll have different things to show from now on (instead of the same old 2 skirts)... as long as I do the ironing.

19 August 2011

weekly interrogation: Emily Wassink!

Today I have the great pleasure of introducing to you my bestest childhood (and on into adulthood) friend Emily! We were forced into friendship by our parents at the age of 7 and are so grateful they did because we are perfect for each other (in a totally platonic way). She went to BYU-Idaho, now lives in Utah, and served an 18 month mission for our church in Leeds England. She also has the most gorgeous red hair you will ever see and a ridiculous sense of humor. Her answers to these questions had me cracking up and totally sum up her personality in a nutshell:)

(photo by Stephanie Haven)

name: Emily Suzanne Wassink

1.What do you “do”?
I am not terribly fond of this question these days, as I don’t do much of anything because I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. So for the time being I ponder career options and work at the library.

2. Why do you do what you do?
I can’t make decisions. So I do nothing.

3.Where are you from?
The sweet state of Virginia! WOOOOO!

4. Favorite color?
Yellow, though I think I’m attracted to all bright colors.

5. Favorite food?
I’m kind of a mood eater, but cheese fondue is a classic. I’m also very fond of Thai food. Mmmmm….

6. Favorite shoes?
Anything that just slips on. I don’t want to tie or buckle my shoes.. Yes, I am that lazy.

7. Favorite place in the whole wide world?
I feel as though I haven’t seen enough of the world to properly answer this question. In my dreams it would be Ghana, though in reality probably anywhere those nieces of mine are.

8. Favorite piece of playground equipment?
Swings! Though those merry-go-round things are awesome. I heard they don’t make them anymore. Tragic.

9. Your funniest story?
(sigh) I think people only laugh at my stories because I’m already laughing. I was into retelling this story whenever I could for awhile: I was watching a movie with one of my brothers when he left to use my parents’ bathroom. When he came back he had green eye shadow on. “What’s on your face?” I asked. All he exclaimed was “Dang it, I thought I got it all off.”

10. Mac or PC?
Um. I don’t have a strong preference, but I use a PC.

11. Manual or automatic?
I don’t know how to drive manual. I spent one horrific day driving manual as a missionary. I still haven’t recovered.

12. What do you consider your best asset?
I have a winning smile? I don’t know. I asked Nate and he couldn’t give me an answer either.

13. Guiltiest pleasure?
Hulu is the worst thing that ever happened to me. That’s all I’m saying.

14. Biggest pet peeve?
Utah drivers.

15. What do you consider priceless?
I’m a big fan of quality time.

16. If you could sit next to anyone on an airplane, who would it be?
Someone I know. I think I’ve only done that two or three times in my whole life. But if I had to choose someone famous it would be….I don’t know. Maybe Sharon Creech. I love every book she ever wrote. Or Ingrid Michaelson. John Cusak?

17. What would you choose as your last meal?
Bruce Bogtrotter’s chocolate cake. It probably would, in fact, be the death of me. And I would be happy.

18. What era in time do you connect with the most?
Hmm. For the longest time I had a fascination with the WWII era. I can even remember the first time I learned about the Holocaust. I was in second grade and I was reading the Big Lie. Not that I wish I could live in that time period, it just intrigues me.

19. Your motto for life?
Oh well.

20. Best advice you can give?
Don’t take advice from me.

Thanks for reading and please give her some love in the comment section!

If you'd like to participate in my weekly interrogation, email me at jaxharmon [at] gmail [dot] com. I'd love to have you!

18 August 2011


Photo on 2011-08-17 at 12.13 #4

I am 26 years old, wash my face everyday, and don't wear makeup or other pore-clogging paraphernalia.

So why do I still get zits??

Life is so not fair.

17 August 2011

army life lesson one

Home really is where the Army sends you.

After going back to NC for a month this really became apparent to me. I LOVED visiting family, seeing friends again and basking in summer on the east coast, but it's no longer home.

I found myself homesick for El Paso. For my house, my friends here, Ft. Bliss, the desert.

Life here isn't peachy all the time; some days I hate it and some days I love it.

But what I discovered this summer is that it is home.

And in a few more years someplace else will become home. Such is this life.

16 August 2011

advice please!

If you are not aware, one of the things you get to do as a military wife is attend "balls" with your husband. It's actually kind of exciting to think about getting all dressed up and fancy, especially in this day-and-age where there aren't many opportunities after prom to do that.

BUT, it means actually getting fancy. And I don't know about you, but I don't have a closetful of fancy dresses just awaiting use.

Rob has a ball coming up in a couple weeks and since I skipped the past two and made him go by himself I'm going with him this time. (aren't I such a loving wife?)

The only problem is, I don't know what to wear. And I really don't feel like buying a new dress and don't have time to make one.

I do have this one in my closet, however:
I had bought it for a cocktail event back at Ft. Sill, but ended up not going 'cause Nick was only a couple months old and I didn't want to leave him with a complete stranger.

So my question is, Do you think it's fancy enough for a ball?

I have some snazzy wing-tip heels to wear with it, and I'm planning on having some fancy hair to go with it. What do you think? I know it's nowhere near red carpet fanciness, but do you think it's ok for a military ball?

15 August 2011


...I'm back!

I've been back on the east coast for a nice looong visit the past month-ish.

My original plan was to have a bunch of stuff pre-blogged and scheduled for while I was traveling and then still blog while I was chilling back in the humidity.

But plans changed, like usual.

First, I didn't have time to pre-blog in between making sure I could pay bills while I was away and packing and working and being a mom and dealing with the usual crud you have to as an adult. In my brain I think that someday I will master the whole time management thing and have time for everything. But right now I'm not there yet. But I figured it wouldn't be a big deal to have a few days silence as I drove and I'd get right back into it once I arrived in North Carolina.

But I got to NC and... not internet access. I did not anticipate that at all. My parents have wireless internet, but it's password protected and they don't know what it is. And believe me, I tried every single number sequence and code on every modem, router, or modem-looking thing I could find in that house. But none of them worked. So I would steal my mom's computer long enough to check email or pay bills, but not long enough to blog. (and it ends up my BROTHER who doesn't live there knew the password. But by that time Rob was there and reclaimed his computer and there was no hope to blog- he is very possessive of his laptop and has already told me he is not letting me take his again and that he will buy me my own before that happens.)

SO, I'm sorry for the silence. And hope you didn't desert me.