27 December 2012

we had a fabulous christmas.


We stayed in pj's all day, took our sweet time opening presents (the boys lost steam about halfway through; Max even stopped to take a donut break), stuffed ourselves full of bacon and pancakes and hot chocolate, watched Home Alone (we got it for Christmas and the boys have never seen it before... they weren't so into it. Except for the part where the guy's head is set on fire. That was funny to a 6 and 2 year old), tried out our new video games, played with new toys, and took a nap. We did have a couple hiccups to our plans; Nick was sick Christmas Eve and Oskar got sick later that evening. So after staying up reeaaaallllly late wrapping gifts Oskar then screamed every half hour the rest of the night. So Rob and I were zombies Christmas day. We ended up nixing Christmas dinner of calzones due to me falling asleep and running out of time to make the dough (whoops). Thankfully we had plenty of leftovers from Christmas Eve dinner and breakfast. And we will have calzones later this week!

Now we are trying to reclaim our house from the chaos of the past couple of months... It is pretty slow going thanks to some little creatures that demand so much of my time. But I did manage to empty out my (small) closet and reconfigure it (getting rid of a huge stack of clothes in the process!)... now I just have to get everything back in there. Then it's on to the kid's room!

Oh, and I need to send out our Christmas cards. It only took three tries to get them printed right, and while they still aren't right (the bottom words are cut off) I ran out of time to try some more. Oh well, who needs things perfect anyway?

Please tell me I'm not the only person who feels like they are always a couple steps behind. Please?

Anyway, I hope you had a fabulous holiday! I still get warm fuzzies thinking about ours.

25 December 2012

happy christmas!!

Nick Christmas morning last year. Shoving treats out of his stocking in his face. (Normally we are not so dressed for unwrapping gifts; last year Christmas was on a Sunday so we attended church before coming home and opening presents.)

Happy Christmas from the Harmon Squad!!

I'm sure as you read this we are knee deep in wrapping paper!

24 December 2012

it's christmas eve!

scenes from our Christmas last year: the boys in their Christmas pajamas; me and my boys in front of the Christmas tree (me in the early stages of pregnancy and already feeling really rough); putting cookies and milk out for Santa.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! I know we have some very excited little boys who can't wait for morning to come!

But before Santa comes, we like to focus on what Christmas is really about, the birth of Jesus Christ. I love this video that features one of my favorite Christmas songs:

Regardless of your beliefs, I hope your Christmas is filled with happiness!

13 December 2012

12 December 2012

someone loves his fingers!

Although he doesn't suck on them, just gnaws away.

11 December 2012

he is all boy.

Keeping himself entertained while waiting in a very long line.

10 December 2012

i love babywearing.

Oskar zonked out in the sling. And yes, he could breathe just fine.

It is going to be a little quiet around these parts for the next couple of weeks... things are going to be absolute chaos from now until Christmas. And since I have seen a couple of self-imposed deadlines come and go without actually reaching them it is time to buckle down and get to work. I hope you understand and I will be back in full force for 2013!

06 December 2012

I'm on Little Bellows!!

Ahhh!! I can't tell you how excited I am to be featured again! Definitely a pick-me-up, that's for sure. This time it is the photos I took of Oskar in the hospital, some of my favorite baby photos I've ever taken.


If you'd like to see more of my work here is my website.

The photography section of this blog has more information, and lots and lots of photos are posted by me all the time.

I have a facebook page, feel free to like me over there.

And if you'd like to hire me I'd love that!! I'm in El Paso, TX so if you are too you can email me at jax@jaxharmon.com.

Lastly, thank you so much to all of you that give me love and support! Being an artist is not easy but I am so so lucky to have so many friends and family that keep me buoyed up when I feel like I'm sinking. To me, being featured means we're all doing something right!



This little guy rolled over last night!

And not just once, but TWICE!

I have to admit, I'm a little relieved. He turned 4 months a week or so ago and I was beginning to think he was the laziest child on the planet. I guess he can read my thoughts and decided to prove me wrong.

And I am just as proud the third time around. These babies are little geniuses.

05 December 2012

i love this. (and her)

I saw this on pinterest the other day and it took my breath away. Not only is it a gorgeous shot, but Meryl Streep looks beautiful. She is one of my favorite actresses AND we share the same birthday!

I would also like to note, she is one of the few Hollywood actresses that seems to embrace aging gracefully. And she looks a million times more gorgeous than those that don't in my opinion.

Also, I love her daughter! I first saw her in the series Off the Map and was so sad when it was cancelled. But now she stars in Emily Owens MD and it's one of my new favorites!

04 December 2012

meet the winner of america's next top model cycle 48 | fort bliss, el paso family photographer


This little one knew how to work the camera! She made my job easy, that's for sure.

I am constantly in awe that I am able to do something I love so much. It is incredible to be allowed into another family for a short time and I treasure it. A big thank you to all who let me in!

You can view the entire session and order prints at jaxharmon.instaproofs.com.

If you are interested in having me photograph you, you can email me at jax@jaxharmon.com.

03 December 2012

because i know you need some oskar in your life.


He brings so much joy into my life. And the lives of everyone he comes in contact with. I am so glad he chose our family.

And because this cracks me up:
The king chilling in his throne.

30 November 2012

sorry for the cheesefest.


I just have to say I love this man. He's only been home two weeks and I wonder how I survived the six weeks without him. It's been almost eight and half years married, and a little over nine together. Crazy. I cannot imagine life without him, even if we drive each other crazy and fight over stupid stuff and have to deal with the fact that the Army owns him. (ok, not technically. But sometimes it feels that way) He is my best friend and gave me three gorgeous boys. (among other things) I'm constantly wondering what in the world he saw in me to make him choose me over all the other girls in this world. But I'm glad he saw whatever it was.

I just had to get that mushiness out.

But really, the point of all this is that you need to go give your main man (or gal) a big squeeze today if you can. Do it for all those wives (or girlfriends or husbands or whatever) out there who want to so bad, but can't. I know I will be giving mine several.

(maybe more if he walks the dog...)

29 November 2012

i love this show.

Does anyone else watch Parenthood? If you don't you should.

It is so so good. It's been good since season 1, but I think they have taken it above and beyond this season. I pretty much cry every episode.

I especially am loving Amber and Ryan's relationship. I suppose I'm a little biased being married to a soldier, but it is really gut wrenching and tangible.

Anyway, just had to get that out. I don't get to discuss my favorite shows' nuances with a 6 and 2 year old so I had to share somewhere!

28 November 2012

so tired.

I pretty much don't remember most of the past year. Basically, from when we got back from our trip to Washington on. I always think it's because I was pregnant and so sick, but then I remember we didn't find out I was pregnant until mid-December, and then I didn't start getting sick until after Christmas. So what was up the couple of months before that?

Now I remember. It's the sprint from Halloween to Christmas that is crazy. There is just so much to do.

So I now find myself walking around in a fog. Granted, I know if I was getting uninterrupted sleep every night and had a few less beings to take care of it probably wouldn't be so bad. But they make me really happy (most of the time) so I guess I will put up with them... :)

But I went back through my pinterest pins because I knew I had some stuff that aptly describes my life right now:

And my absolute favorite (and oh so true today!):