31 December 2008

the tacky/edgy christmas tree...

that we just took down.

Happy (belated) Christmas and Happy New Year!

11 December 2008

grumpy grumpy grumpy

It's official. I HATE North Carolina winters. All we get is rain. And cold. And more rain. So you're wet and cold all winter long. Add to that a toddler who won't sleep so makes sure mom doesn't sleep either. Plus a lot to do before Christmas. That all equals a grumpy Jackie. Not fun. But the sun is supposed to come out this weekend, so hopefully Max will let me sleep too and I'll be happy again.

08 December 2008

happy happy happy

This past weekend my friend Emily came to visit! She used to be a photography major (in my opinion she still should be) and since I pooped out on pictures when we went to Annapolis (early pregnancy, what can I say?) she took some for us while she was here. It worked out perfectly- since I am a photographer myself, I just wanted someone to take the pictures and let me edit them myself. And now I have current, awesome pictures of ME and my little family! Thanks Emily!!!

This just happens to be my favorite. It makes me smile every time I look at it.

What do you think?

05 December 2008

another favorite...

this time from an engagement session.

02 December 2008

image of the week

I've been buckled down editing images for the past little while, and I must say, I cannot get over the scrumptious-ness of this image. It's a shame she's not my child 'cause I want it BIG on my wall. So Shelley, does this make you want to see the rest?