30 November 2012

sorry for the cheesefest.


I just have to say I love this man. He's only been home two weeks and I wonder how I survived the six weeks without him. It's been almost eight and half years married, and a little over nine together. Crazy. I cannot imagine life without him, even if we drive each other crazy and fight over stupid stuff and have to deal with the fact that the Army owns him. (ok, not technically. But sometimes it feels that way) He is my best friend and gave me three gorgeous boys. (among other things) I'm constantly wondering what in the world he saw in me to make him choose me over all the other girls in this world. But I'm glad he saw whatever it was.

I just had to get that mushiness out.

But really, the point of all this is that you need to go give your main man (or gal) a big squeeze today if you can. Do it for all those wives (or girlfriends or husbands or whatever) out there who want to so bad, but can't. I know I will be giving mine several.

(maybe more if he walks the dog...)

29 November 2012

i love this show.

Does anyone else watch Parenthood? If you don't you should.

It is so so good. It's been good since season 1, but I think they have taken it above and beyond this season. I pretty much cry every episode.

I especially am loving Amber and Ryan's relationship. I suppose I'm a little biased being married to a soldier, but it is really gut wrenching and tangible.

Anyway, just had to get that out. I don't get to discuss my favorite shows' nuances with a 6 and 2 year old so I had to share somewhere!

28 November 2012

so tired.

I pretty much don't remember most of the past year. Basically, from when we got back from our trip to Washington on. I always think it's because I was pregnant and so sick, but then I remember we didn't find out I was pregnant until mid-December, and then I didn't start getting sick until after Christmas. So what was up the couple of months before that?

Now I remember. It's the sprint from Halloween to Christmas that is crazy. There is just so much to do.

So I now find myself walking around in a fog. Granted, I know if I was getting uninterrupted sleep every night and had a few less beings to take care of it probably wouldn't be so bad. But they make me really happy (most of the time) so I guess I will put up with them... :)

But I went back through my pinterest pins because I knew I had some stuff that aptly describes my life right now:

And my absolute favorite (and oh so true today!):

27 November 2012

how well do you see color??

I love this test.

Warning: it will make you go cross-eyed.

I got a 4, what did you get?

26 November 2012

i survived last week.

Within the course of one week, I had a photo shoot, long overdue grocery shopping trip with the whole family, adjustment back to having Rob home again (which is an ongoing thing), got my hair done, edited photos, school with Max, went and met some superheros, had an Op Love session, had an awesome Thanksgiving, came down with a nasty stomach bug, took our family photos (while still sick...), got Rob ready to leave again, and spent way too long at the airport with the verdict that Rob is staying home instead of leaving again (yay!). Oh, and I had the usual nurse the baby every couple of hours and take care of the non-stop needs of children (like feeding and bathing and dressing and breaking  up fights). But I survived!

And Rob gets a million gold stars, not only did he watch all three kids by himself for the first time during my Op Love session, he also did not come down with the nasty stomach bug so he got to clean up the vomit and do laundry and take care of us sick ones. If he had not been there, I don't know what I would have done.

Also, here is the proof we met some superheros:
We waited in line for an hour and a half but it was so worth it. Even if Nick was terrified of them and Max was too shy to say hello. (The original plan was that I would take the picture with just the two boys with the superheros, but they refused to do it without me. Which is why spiderman got cut out, the nice gentleman who took the picture is not a photographer). Do you like my movie star hair? They had two HUGE fans blowing on us, and while it's fun to think they were there so I could look like a model with my wind-swept hair, I'm pretty sure it was so the guys wouldn't melt in their costumes.

Lastly, I hope my boys remember moments like this and not the ones where I fail miserably. I hate crowds and lines so if I'm going to deal with either it had better be for something awesome. And since the boys are pretty much obsessed with the Avengers I figured meeting Iron Man and Thor would be pretty awesome. So please Max and Nick, remember this instead of the fact that you never get to meet Santa.

21 November 2012

new hair!

There is nothing so awesome as a new hairdo. Especially when it's long long overdue.

I'm especially excited that I found a new stylist; I have been in deep mourning over the fact that my former one is on the opposite side of the country from me now. I had figured I'd get my hair cut once a year when we went back to NC, but a little someone made a trip back impossible this year. So believe me when I say I was long, long, long overdue for a cut. Anyway, if you are in El Paso and looking for a stylist, let me know and I'll pass on her info!

And Oskar demanded to be present in these photos (read: would scream every time I put him down all. day. long.), and he cracks me up in these ones: (especially the first)

20 November 2012

my face just about melted from the cuteness of this family. | fort bliss, el paso family photographer


I love what I do. And am so grateful to my clients for trusting me to capture a moment in their lives...

and for letting me fall in love with them. (because I do)

Images are from a holiday mini session; there just so happens to be one more day of mini sessions left! Details here. If you'd like to book one, email me at jax@jaxharmon.com!

19 November 2012

he's home!


And all is right with the world.

16 November 2012

a heart for ana.

A HEART FOR ANA from J&B on Vimeo.

I had the pleasure of meeting this incredible family last year when I went up to Washington (a trip I still need to blog about...). Both Natalie and I attended Film Is Not Dead workshops (unfortunately not the same one) and she and her girls were willing to hang with my boys and I while we were in their neck of the woods.

Now, they are adopting a little girl from Eastern Europe and there is not a more wonderful family she could go to. Due to the particulars of this adoption things are moving very quickly, and they should be able to welcome her home very early in 2013! If you'd like to read their adoption story and find out more details, you can visit their blog.

But in order to make this happen they are trying to raise all the funds necessary for an international adoption. If you'd like to make a donation, you can do so here. And , if you shop at amazon using this link, amazon gives them a percentage of the sale. So if you are getting ready to do all your holiday shopping through amazon, just this one extra click can help them bring their daughter home!

I'm not going to lie, the video above made me cry and I am so excited for them! They are doing an amazing thing.

15 November 2012

looking forward to the future...


When sleep deprivation is no longer the name of the game.

While simultaneously trying to soak up every moment while they are small because it is going by way too fast.

In the meantime, please be patient with me as I am not firing on all cylinders...

Although I figure if I can survive the next year I can do anything.  

(in a year the puppy should be outgrowing the puppy behavior and I should no longer be nursing, which means I will no longer be tethered)

14 November 2012

a moment in time.


For once Nicola stayed still for more than a moment.

And proceeded to make me melt.

He's going to be a whole new level of trouble in a few years... I pray I have the strength to handle it.

13 November 2012

little stranger.

My first two boys look a lot alike, especially as babies. They both have dark hair (and lots of it!), similar shaped eyes and faces. Nick looked so much like Max as a newborn it was like having deja-vu the first few weeks of his life.

But Oskar doesn't look like them. Yes, you can tell he's a Harmon but he just looks different. Don't believe me? Here are all my boys at about 3 months:




He's my little stranger. And I can't get enough of him.

09 November 2012

at the dog park.


This summer we were introduced to the dog park, thanks to a very energetic puppy who needed lots and lots of exercise. We were very nervous to take Yula there the first time we went but we didn't need to be. She loves everyone, and that includes all dogs. The dog park is by far her most favorite thing now, the minute we pull up she goes crazy with excitement. And since it's the best way to wear her out, we go a lot.

And that dog that isn't Yula that there are a million pictures of? That's Meiko, she's an Akita, and I'm obsessed with her. I have a weak spot for big fluffy dogs. She's a regular at the dog park so we see her a lot. We don't see Chloe and Riley as much, but I love them too. They're both St. Bernards, my favorite breed.

I never thought I'd be a dog person, but we have fun hanging with the dogs.