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21 August 2009

tips for a successful mom and max date.

This summer has been absolutely crazy for us. Despite the fact that I was gone for half of it, and busy with other things for most of the rest, Max has been really good. So I decided it was time for us to have a date. So today we had an outing full of some of Max's favorite things, and mom all to himself (well, I may have slipped a couple of things I needed to do into it: lame, I know).

Here's how you do it:

First, it is completely necessary to fall asleep in the car minutes after leaving the house because mom completely bores you by stopping by the bank:

Then go to the bookstore and endure mom picking out a book for herself:

And then FINALLY get to play with the train table:

But have to leave earlier than expected because you throw a MAJOR fit. (I'm 99% sure it was a result of napping in the car)

Then have a happy meal picnic at the park (that was actually a location mom was scouting, sorry buddy):

And to top it all off, stop at Krispy Kreme for some donuts!

It was a good date.

18 August 2009

my new favorite!

Ok, so I'm admitting it: I LOVE Europop. LOVE IT. I do not, however, like American pop, just to be clear. But there is something about Europop that makes me happy. And just in the past week, my Russian friend introduced me to these gems: QUEST PISTOLS. And they are my new favorite. Upon hearing this song, I immediately went to amazon and put all of their albums on my wishlist. And what's even better, Max LOVES them too. Any time we need a pick me up, we listen to this song.

And just a side note: these people are not for real, they make fun of pop culture in general. Which makes them hilarious.

12 August 2009

super duper

Just wanted to share these photos of me taken at the workshop:

taken by the FABULOUS Jonathan Canlas. (the one who put on the workshop)

taken by Kristopher Orr.

taken by Missy Cochran. (I had no idea my legs were so skinny. Or my waist for that matter.)

I am seriously in love with them. SERIOUSLY. Isn't film beautiful?

11 August 2009


So we are back for real this time. And very glad to be back, I might add. Never again will I plan so many trips right in a row: it was a whirlwind of a summer and is taking longer than I'd thought to recover from.

Yet I don't think all of us are happy to be back home (where it's boring):
Now it's back to real life, and back to work!

Stay tuned for pictures from all our trips!