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30 April 2009

we went to visit dad at work today...

and we looked at the new puppies they got in. I'm not sure it was a good idea:

Max seems to have channeled their desire to tear things apart. I guess grinding his food into the rug wasn't enough anymore.

28 April 2009

i finally did it....

and my mom is so going to KILL me.

But I don't care, I love it (and so does Max, although I think it's just 'cause his scalp can get some air now).

being a mom makes me very, very tired.

I love this article.

23 April 2009

through the viewfinder

I've been waiting patiently for all the pieces I needed to make my own ttv device, and this past weekend I finally put them all together. And it was worth the wait! I LOVE the results: they're dreamy and romantic.

Here are my two sisters (one with her rat):

And then I handed off the camera and got an image of me (stealing Max's muffin):
And then he scarfed it pretty quickly all by himself:
And tonight (a lovely spring evening) I snapped a few of my guys (Max throwing whatever he can get his hands on, like usual):

And Rob relaxing in the hammock (that I made him buy- I think he's very glad I did):
I even got one of Bepo:
It even made our nasty, red-neckish yard look beautiful:
I can't wait to see what else will be transformed through this lens!

check out some more here.

16 April 2009

Another video

Ok, I promise this is the last video I'll post for awhile and get back to real posts, but I had to share this. Incredible.

10 April 2009

pc vs. mac

Ok, so in this pc/mac battle, I am a mac person. There are many reasons why, but the one I like the most is the fact that they were my first computer. My dad is a graphic artist, so we've had macs since I was born. In fact, I did not come in contact with a pc until high school (we used macs in my elementary and middle schools, although I think they've switched by now). So, unlike most people, I never had to make the "switch" or "convert" from pc to mac. And I like that. But in this world you have to understand, at least a little, how to work a pc and so during college I got quite good at switching between both. Even hooking things up to both. Now, I am nowhere near the level of Rob and his cronies when it comes to computer-savvy, but I am ahead of the game when it comes to the general population.

So, a couple months ago when I decided to consolidate our desks and put both computers at one (since one computer (can you guess which?) never got used and had never even been hooked up following the house shuffle the year before) I considered myself qualified enough to put everything where it needed to be and hook everything up (with only one call to Rob with some questions). I was moving right along, when I hit a couple snags. One, Rob has a fancy (well, fancy for me) sound system for it and I wasn't sure which colors went where (instead if a red, yellow, white sort of set-up it was a green, purple, blue). And two, I couldn't get the monitor to work. It kept telling me no signal. Rob tried talking me through it over the phone, but nothing worked so we decided to just wait and have Rob do it.

It was a crush to my computer self-esteem: I couldn't hook up a simple monitor right? Well, the weeks passed (that's what happens when we say we'll get around to something "later" at the Harmon household) and I finally decided to have another go at it (my intention for having it at my desk was to watch movies on it (instead of mine) while editing photos ('cause watching them on mine wold slow it down). Again, failure. So when Rob got home I forced him to hook it all up. And do you want to know the problem was? No keyboard. The one we have is ginormous and takes up half the desk so I wanted to get a small one and so didn't hook one up. I had a mouse, and that was all I needed to press play. Ends up you have to have a keyboard for the computer to even boot up. All I have to say to you pc's is


Now I remember why I'm a mac person.

09 April 2009

this is even better

Thanks mom for letting me watch The Sound of Music over and over and over again as a kid. It still makes me happy.

08 April 2009

i can't get enough of this: edit

Is this not one of the most fun videos you've seen in your life? Granted, my Russian is pretty much non-existent now so I only understand like 2 words in the entire thing. Yet I've never had any issues listening to music in languages I don't know: I mean, I can only understand a handful of words in English songs anyway. And this video makes me wish choreographed dance was a part of everyday life.

Oh, and I almost forgot... this reaffirms my love of looking at Russian men. I mean, look at them! They're adorable. I'm not sure if it's the lips or the cheekbones or perfect bone structure, or all of the above. Mmm. Now I just need to find where I can buy the album.

edit: I discovered it's actually an excerpt from a movie. Which you can only get for region 5 DVD players (if you don't know what that means, look it up). Although, from the looks of other excerpts, it's a little risque (there's no mention of a rating anywhere, but my guess is that it would be R). Oh well. If there's ever a soundtrack I'll be getting it.