29 August 2008

spontaneous trip to the countryside

A couple (or more) weeks ago Max and I just happened to be outside when I looked up. And that sky! It was delicious. I decided then and there that we were going to venture out into the country to capture this gorgeous sky. So we did. We drove around and I would randomly pull over onto the side of the road and click away. Here are the results: is that sky magnificent or what? I feel like I should be in Kansas when I look at them.

Afterwards, because Max was such a good sport sitting in the car while I was off galavanting in fields, we went to the Creamery to get some ice cream! Seriously, next to Carl's in Fredericksburg, this is the best ice cream ever.
Here is Max's "give me the goods" face:
I got him a bowl, but he insisted on eating my cone instead.

And Max, the creamery store, and that amazing sky (although by this point it was getting late and it wasn't as good as before).
It was fun to be spontaneous.

28 August 2008

Nie Nie Day

When I have tons of things better to do, I tend to surf around the blog world and read about complete strangers lives. I love it. A few months ago I stumbled onto this blog, and felt an instant connection with this mom. Part of it was her awesome design sense, and part the fact that her boys are named Oliver and Nicholas (two names Rob and I already had picked out for our future children). So, intrigued, I went back and quickly fell in love with her entire life. She is nothing short of inspirational- from having kids young, to loving her husband, to living the gospel, and doing it all while looking fabulous. When I found out about the crash, I kept going back at first to check her and her husbands progress, and then delved into her archives. And her beautiful life has touched mine. At a time when I'm not sure what's next besides staying at home with my son (what do you do all day?) I now have a focus and am reminded of what is really important. And despite this tragedy Stephanie and her husband Christian have to bear, I know that someday soon they'll be home with their children, continuing their beautiful life.

Is this not one of the most beautiful pictures you have ever seen? It is Stephanie Nielsen with her youngest Nicholas. (I stole it off her blog)

27 August 2008

exciting news!

This arrived in the mail today:
And I was expecting it.

What I wasn't expecting, however, is this little ditty:

Take that all you people who think you can't be a wife, mother, and student all at the same time.

05 August 2008

Things that have made me happy in the near past...

1. finishing school
(this is my project on display at school)

2. my new hair

3. the beach

4. seeing the sunrise TWICE
(but just once over the water)

5. getting to see these two again