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27 February 2009

another stupid facebook thing

ok, so on facebook there's this thing going around where you look up a random article on wikipedia, a random quote on some site, and a random picture on flikr and put them together as an album cover. (The rules are a little more specific than that- if you're interested, just let me know) I "did" it, as in clicked on the links, to see what would pop up and I kinda liked it. So I did it. The odd thing is, it's rather dark and I don't think I'm a dark person. Right?

26 February 2009

picture tag

1. Go to your documents/pictures.
2. Go to your 6th file folder.
3. Go to your 6th picture.
4. Post and blog about it.
5. Tag 6 people to do the same

This is Shaelyn, Max's buddy, at the park last summer. She was getting pushed in the swing by her mom and Max was getting pushed by me in the swing next to her (when I wasn't snapping pictures). I absolutely love little toddler ponytails and Shaelyn's is just adorable! This is actually the 6th picture taken with my new (professional!) camera.

I tag Shelley, Natalie, Amber, Jennie, Erika, Megan

25 February 2009

FaceBook In Reality

Thank goodness it's not reality. Although it is funny.

11 February 2009

um, can we say fabulous?

I'm curious if this dance will start making appearances at stake dances...

10 February 2009

25 random things about Max

Because who doesn't want to know a bunch of things about a 2 year old?

1. Max was born with hair all over his body and he still has it- he's like a monkey.

2. He may not talk yet, but he can hit a ball (pitched to him) with a bat.

3. He has a very girly voice.

4. He loves doritoes, but I have to crush them up otherwise he'll just lick them instead of actually eating them.

5. He likes to give kisses. We will break him of that habit before Kindergarten.

6. Peas and cheese are the two things he will turn down candy for.

7. After he takes baths, he likes to streak through the house before putting clothes back on.

8. His head is seriously like a cannonball. It is heavy and he uses it to inflict injuries on the unsuspecting.

9. He likes to lick things. Like faces.

10. He likes to spit too. Watch out- he likes to spit on his hand and then wipe it on people/objects.

11. He has the cutest little buns in the history of the world. They just ask for a pinching.

12. Max has the special talent of destroying a room completely in the blink of an eye.

13. He is very sensitive.

14. And dramatic.

15. He was the easiest baby EVER. Makes me scared what we'll get with a second one.

16. As a baby, he spit up maybe 3 times. And never burped. All his gas would come out the other end (and still does).

17. He LOVES chocolate milk.

18. He doesn't like the old school animated Disney movies, just Pixar. I think it's the singing.

19. He LOVES Star Wars- every time it comes on he says "Oh wow."

20. He loves when the cockroach gets run over in Wall-e and pops back up. He laughs every time.

21. He throws EVERYTHING. Watch out when you're around him.

22. His new favorite activity is riding on the back of dad's bike.

23. I seriously don't think this kid can feel the hot or cold. No matter what, he wants to be outside.

24. He has a funny run/walk- I call it his "sashay"

25. He gives the best hugs. And has the best giggle.

04 February 2009

why did i just do that?

You know how we, as humans, have those moments where we want to (or really do) want to smack our heads for being so stupid? Well, I had one of those moments today.

Greensboro is a unique town in the fact that it doesn't have a ghetto, it has ghettoes. Spread out throughout town, in the most random of places- even right smack in the middle of ritzy areas. Like, you have mansions and ritzy stores on one side of the street and Food Lion and Church's Chicken on the other. Well, the grocery store I usually go to 'cause it's right across the street from Rob's work has a ghetto behind it. And I go to this grocery store instead of the one close to our house because it's a nice Harris Teeter that has a great produce selection compared to the dumpy Food Lion with wilted lettuce near our house.

So anyway, I go to the grocery store today and as I'm getting out of my car a shabby woman in a dilapidated car pulls up next to me. I'm immediately on my guard as this happens quite often in this area. (In fact, up to this point I have blown off anyone asking for anything and feel really guilty about it.) She proceeds to tell me that her baby in the back seat has a fever and she needs some pedialyte formula and some tylenol for it and would I be willing to help her out? [I'm thinking in my mind, "holy cow, pedialyte is expensive- I can't afford to buy any] She asks if I would buy a blanket from her- she's trying to sell them to get the money for the supplies- for ten dollars. My previous guilt for not helping out needy people before is knawing at me so I tell her I can buy her some tylenol. She protests, saying she's not going to make me buy medcine for her 'cause some reason I don't remember now that sounded kind of legit at the time [that should have been a warning sign, but of course can't think on my feet]. So I tell her to wait a second, I'm not sure if I have any cash. Well, I'm definitely not giving her ten dollars- needy or not I can't afford that. So I tell her I have five dollars and tell her I don't need the blanket, I have plenty [I'm thinking there's no way I'm taking your nasty blanket] and she thanks me profusely and I hand the money to her. But, as I'm stepping away form her car I realize there is NO baby in that baby seat and she just scammed me. And I feel like crap. Even more so as she pulls away without even going into the Harris Teeter. And I realize I can't win- if I deny people I feel guilty, but if I help them out, I feel even more guilty. 'Cause the worst part is we've been really careful with money recently because of the economy and everything. And I just blew FIVE dollars. So the whole time I'm in Harris Teeter (and still now) I'm berating myself for not handing her a dollar. A dollar is a reasonable amount to give a complete stranger. NOT five dollars. This betrays how selfish I really am, but if I'm going to blow five dollars I'd rather have a junior bacon cheeseburger with fries and a frosty (instead of enabling someone's drug addiction or something just as bad).

So please, make me feel better and tell me I'm a good person and I'll get extra points on Judgment day or whatever so I don't feel like I completely wasted that money. 'Cause I'm a nice person, right?

02 February 2009

bepo strikes again!

If you are not familiar with our cat Bepo, the world was first introduced to him here.

I have a love/hate relationship with our cat: we got him as a tiny kitten (so I would have something other than Rob to smother with my affection) and saved him from death. He was very very sick when we adopted him (unbeknownst to us) and I believe being that sick at such a young age (the vet told us there was no way he was the age the shelter told us) caused some brain damage. So, he is not very bright and drives me crazy as a result, but I must admit he does do some crazy funny things. Hence the love/hate relationship. As mentioned last time I wrote about him, we got him to kill mice: he's done a pretty good job of keeping the mice away, but we'll still find evidence of them occassionally. This drives me crazy because if it weren't for the dang mice I might consider becoming a pet-less family. Anyway, so I don't mind him killing the mice that come in our house, but I would really prefer if he leave the poor innocent creatures outside alone. (I do realize I will never get my way in that regard, don't worry) Well, today was kind of warm and nice outside so I let Max play in the yard. disclaimer: I am not outside with Max the entire time he is, I prefer to pop in and out of the house so I can get some things done. For those of you that don't know, we kind of live in the country, so while we do have neighbors, we aren't on top of each other and don't interact that much (it also doesn't help matters that we live on a busy road so it's impossible to just take a walk and stop for a chat). We do see our next-door neighbor occasionally, though: she's a ninety-something great-grandma who lives alone. And the poor, sweet thing doesn't have much to entertain her, but she loves birds. A lot. Did I mention a lot? Well, she does. She spends most of her time in the back den, and has a bird feeder right outside the window. The way our house is situated on the lot, the front of our house is behind her house, so she is able to peep on us whenever she wants. This also means I can see her window and bird feeder perfectly. As Max and I do whatever in the front yard, I realize Bepo is not only in her yard, he is ON TOP OF THE BIRD FEEDER. I immediately scream at him (which caught the attention of another neighbor who was walking her dog in her backyard, oops) but to no avail- he has caught a bird and proudly brings it back to our yard for consumption. I am mortified and just pray that the little old lady was taking a nap or having a snack or ANYTHING but looking out the window admiring the bord at that point in time. If she was, I'm afraid any cordial feelings she had for us are gone. We're officially the annoying neighbors.