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26 April 2011

happy (belated) easter!

We spent our Easter sick (more on THAT subject later) so will be celebrating later this week. But I remembered whilst lying comatose in bed trying not to die that I had taken family pictures on our last real Easter (last year we were in GA for Rob's graduation and weren't able to make it to General Conference). So this is us, 2 years ago.

I can't believe how much has changed since then.

I've said this before, but I'm not really a holiday person (they're a lot of work), but as far as holidays go Easter is one of my favorites. I mean, what can be better than celebrating living again, forever??

11 April 2011

THE state fair.

When we found out we were moving to Oklahoma I knew we had to do two things: buy cowboy boots and go to a rodeo. You bet I made sure both happened.

It just so happened that there was a rodeo during the state fair so we did both. And we had lots of fun!

This was my very first ever state fair. I'd been to other, smaller fairs, but never a state. I'd heard awesome things about them and was totally prepared to try all the fair food and ride some rides... then we got there and saw the prices. $5 to try a piece of chocolate covered bacon? Um, I don't think so. We ended up just getting a funnel cake and lemonade and let Max pick one ride to go on (I know... I'm such a cheapie).

This is what Max chose:
He's got good taste, right? He was sooo cute riding around on that thing (see his cowboy boots?)

Lucky for me, there was plenty of FREE entertainment in the form of ANIMALS! A part of me wants to be a farmer, but I know I could never handle actually doing it, so instead I live vicariously through other people's farms and animals. We had a blast just wandering through the huge buildings checking them out.

(I think he fits right in, what do you think?)


pointing out the poop.

I took this because when I was in school we got all fancy like this for halftime shows and stuff, but in OK the big deal is walking your animal around the pen:)

I discovered I love donkeys. Who knew?



(just showing off our cool stroller. I still can't believe it's mine)

we got to (attempt to) see baby chicks hatching!

I think Max is a farmer at heart too.

checking out the piglets.

Ok, you're gonna think I"m crazy, but this cow was GORGEOUS! She even won a prize!
Max got to pet her!

That evening we met up with Tiffany and Chris and went to the RODEO!!!



It was pretty awesome.

And apparently Oklahoma is the best state to see rodeos in 'cause they know how to do it right.

Coming up another day are my film images...

08 April 2011


You may or may not be aware of the potential (at least that is the state of things while I write this) government shutdown and it's effect on military pay. It is an unwelcome trial in ours and other military families' lives, but we are hopeful.

I, especially, am grateful for the Spirit in my life. Because of it I followed promptings to buy more food than I usually do so our freezer and pantry are full. To hold off on doing/paying some things that can wait so we have enough to cover our bills for the next month. For both of us to have full tanks of gas right now.

We are so very very blessed.

But not everyone is prepared, in fact many aren't. For them we are praying that our country's leaders can put their differences aside and finish this. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated too.

And we are praying for those who are even less fortunate than us; we will eventually get our paychecks. Many won't get that luxury.

But most importantly, we are so grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It makes all the difference.