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31 October 2011

happy halloween!


(please excuse my sad attempt at a spooky picture)

Our Halloween is kind of lame this year (like most years, that's what happens when the mom isn't really into holidays), but the boys both have costumes and we are going trick or treating tonight so it's not all bad... Plus I'm making cupcakes and cupcakes make everything better. Who cares that we never carved our pumpkins? They'll taste better as pies anyway.

25 October 2011

i finally did it.

I did, I caved in. I've been avoiding it for months. Like I need another time suck, you know? But I finally got to the point where I needed to organize ideas and get some inspiration for a couple projects I've been planning. So here I am:


Want to follow me? Here ya go:

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And hopefully I'll find some good ideas from you too!

Although, it does make things difficult.

For example, I found these whilst perusing one day:

Fun, right?

That's what I though too. In fact, my thoughts were "How fun! I can handle doing that with the boys!"

Then I remembered. This:
Do you see any trees? Or leaves? Yeah, me neither.

So, would anyone like to send us some leaves? Or other fall-related found items (like twigs, pinecones, etc.)? Don't feel like you have to, we can make do with what we can find here. (Like tumbleweeds. And dirt. Rubbish anyone?) But if you feel so inclined to share your autumn with us just email me!

Anyway, the main point of this post was just to say:

"Hey, I'm on Pinterest! Look me up!"

24 October 2011

sunday best, vacation edition.

This is what I wore to church when we were up at Ft. Lewis... it was so nice to wear layers!! And sleeves! Now we're back home in El Paso where it is in the upper 80's. Still.

shirt: Bitten by SJP (RIP, very sad 'cause her clothes fit me fabulously)
sweater: Old Navy
skirt: Old Navy
hose: either Target or Forever 21. I'm leaning more towards Forever 21 though.
shoes: Target
belt: Forever 21. I had to have my dad punch more holes in it, like I do with all my belts.


I miss wearing sweaters:(

03 October 2011

flying tips?

And on a different note, do any of you have tips for flying with kids? I'm getting ready to head up to Seattle to visit our friends Tiffany and Chris (thank you Southwest airlines for having your anniversary sale!)! And while I have flown plenty of times before, this will be my first time flying with kids. Ever. Yup, that's right. All this travel my kids have done up until now has been by car. So while I'm excited Max gets to finally fly in an airplane (we've been to the airport many times with him, he's just never been able to get close to the planes), I'm terrified because I have NO idea how they're going to do. I'm less worried about Max... Nick is the handful. (and in case it helps, Max is 5 and Nick is 16 months)

So... any tips? I've been doing research and reading everything Southwest has on their website about flying with kids. But I want to know what you have figured out by trial and error. Like, where's the best place to sit on the plane? Anything I can do that will make it easier to get through security? Things to do to keep the kids close and occupied during layovers? TELL ME!!

And thanks:)

it's monday.

Well, there is no Sunday Best post today because I didn't get dressed up yesterday. This past weekend was Conference weekend for us, and thanks to sweet technology we can watch it online at home. (it was fabulous too! Definitely the two best weekends of the year) Just picture me in yoga pants and a t-shirt and you've got my outfit.

But here is a picture of Rob so you have something to look at. He is holding his practice samurai sword... he dreams of owning a real one someday.

And, of course, today I am feeling kind of grumpy. My fuse is very short and everything is driving me crazy. I think the fact that last night I dreamed of having an uninterrupted night's sleep (which never ever happens) gives me a clue as to why I'm grumpy. Why is that so hard to get? And I'm not just talking about a night where the kids leave me alone... I'm talking an entire night in a sensory deprived room all alone kind of sleep. sigh. I think the boys actually just leaving things be instead of tearing everything apart might help too. My poor studio...

But life goes on. I think a trip to the park is in order, some fresh air will probably do us some good!