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29 September 2007

Happy Birthday to Max!

September 23rd 2006 at 2:30am Maximillian Wesley Harmon forced his way into the world and life for the Harmon family has never been the same. So in celebration of the one year anniversary of that grand event, we had a Pirate birthday party for him last Saturday, and then on Sunday celebrated with family.

His skull and crossbones cake- yummy!

Chasing balloons with Clara

The Birthday boy himself

Showing Aunt Paige which way to go during the treasure hunt

Cora found the treasure!

Opening his presents

Opening presents at Nonna's house

Trying to escape opening presents

Eagerly anticipating his cake (he wouldn't touch the cake at the party)

Having some juice in his adorable new jammies

All birthday'd out

And now some video of his birthday....

14 September 2007

fun with photo booth

While waiting for Rob to get off work, Max and I played with his computer....

09 September 2007


When I was pregnant, I always envisioned Max to be a mini-me of Rob. So when he looks or acts like Rob, it is completely natural, but when he looks or acts like me I am so surprised. Like, he has my nose and hair color, has my temper, is stubborn like me (why do our children always seem to get our bad traits?), but also like the same kind of food I do and even the same colors. Now, Rob has plenty to claim in Max as well, but he seems to be my child. Who knew?

03 September 2007

Ninja Please!

My sister is obsessed with Japan, and this means she searches out everything Japanese. This summer she found Ninja Warrior. Basically, various people from around the world come to compete in this crazy obstacle course, and whoever can complete it in time is crowned Ninja Warrior. It's a lot of fun, and Rob and I are determined to someday build our own Ninja Warrior course out on our 26 acres. When we do, we'll be sure to invite everyone to try it out, and maybe we'll even hold our own contest. But this video is of the 2nd guy to achieve Ninja Warrior status- enjoy!