30 December 2009

what we've been up to:

lots and lots of this.

I love having a boy.

22 December 2009

exactly one week later...

I look like this.

I had a lot of braxton hicks contractions on the trip down to Georgia to pick Rob up (which is not so fun when you're just sitting in a car for hours on end), with the result that I exploded! I'm probably twice the size I was in that previous picture.

Oh, and this baby is crazy. I started feeling him (we think) on the car ride down (again, it's hard to miss when you're doing nothing but sitting still for hours), and last night when I laid down for bed he started going crazy in there. And I mean crazy, I'm only 16 weeks and I could feel him kicking my hand (granted, it was only twice that I felt him with my hand, but the theatrics went on inside for awhile). This kind of scares me as Max was the most chill, calm baby ever.

Oh, and do you like my new top? I got it on post at the PX. Tax-free baby! If you pay any attention to what I wear, you may notice a trend: I really like henley tops and stripes. So naturally I bought this without even trying it on.

Oh, and on another note... the Goodwill pile is bigger. Someday it'll actually make it to the needy.

14 December 2009

my belly

Here I am at 15 weeks. Yes, I know there is barely anything there to you. But had I taken this picture before I was pregnant, it would be a straight line from the bottom of my ribs to my legs.

And fyi, that is not a pile of dirty clothes behind the door. It is the pile of stuff for Goodwill (in my defense, it was all in a big bag before Max used it as a stepping stool/playground)

01 December 2009

hello again.

Did you miss me?

I'm (hopefully) back after a way-too-long absence. I'm hoping that I'll keep up with things on here from now on, though, as we have some big changes coming up...

The first is, Rob leaves TOMORROW for OCS (Officer Candidate School)! It has been a looong wait and we are so ready to finally get this show on the road! I will admit, I am going to miss him a lot, but we're lucky and he'll only be gone for a couple weeks or so before coming home for Christmas. But after Christmas we'll be sending him off for 12 weeks, so I imagine that goodbye will be a little harder. And then in March we'll find out what he'll be doing and where we'll be going.

That means, we'll be moving! We're not sure at what point I'll be joining him: it all depends on what sort of training is involved with his job. But come March, I'll be packing up the house and getting things here in order to be left (we're keeping our houses). As I've never had to move an entire household before (just me and my bedroom) I'm a little nervous about getting it done, and done well (I'm OCD about organization, and if I can't find stuff I go crazy), but I figure I'll get plenty of practice in the next 20 years.

And I get to start adjusting to life as a military wife. That too, I am a little nervous about as I still feel clueless (I think it's the kind of thing you learn through experience, not reading the little pamphlets they give you). But I'm going to do my best to keep upbeat and send Rob all my love and support while he's rolling through mud and running with 50 pounds on his back while getting his head crammed with tons of information that makes no sense to me.

But really, I am VERY excited this is all finally happening!! (especially when we start getting the paycheck!) And I think that is because I am excited for another reason...

We're having a BABY!!! I'm due June 3rd, and I've been sick as a dog. I'll be 14 weeks Thursday, so I'm hoping this pregnancy sickness crud will go away in the next couple of weeks (especially as I will no longer have Rob here to do stuff for me). It has been getting better, so I don't think I'm completely crazy hoping that. I have, of course, been terrified of another miscarriage 'cause I REALLY want this baby, but so far everything's been good. I'm starting to show (I'll have to put up a belly picture soon to see if I'm the only one who can see it), and I can't button my pants anymore, and I'm very excited to get big and fat. And feel the baby move. Oh, and we're pretty sure it's a boy (Nicola).

So yeah, that's our life for right now. And that's why I've been absent: being upright would make me puke so I've been in bed for the past two months. But I am determined to update regularly as I can now be upright and move around, and so Rob knows what we're up to while he's tracking drug dealers in the wilderness and fording rivers in all his gear (ok, so that might be a little bit of an exaggeration).

And as I'm sure you would rather not see a picture of me puking (that's about all I have to show for all this time), here is a picture of Max at his Nana's (I think it's kind of obvious that Nana's house is the fun house).

And maybe I'll get around to posting all about the fun stuff we did the past few months, before I got pregnant...