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31 December 2008

the tacky/edgy christmas tree...

that we just took down.

Happy (belated) Christmas and Happy New Year!

11 December 2008

grumpy grumpy grumpy

It's official. I HATE North Carolina winters. All we get is rain. And cold. And more rain. So you're wet and cold all winter long. Add to that a toddler who won't sleep so makes sure mom doesn't sleep either. Plus a lot to do before Christmas. That all equals a grumpy Jackie. Not fun. But the sun is supposed to come out this weekend, so hopefully Max will let me sleep too and I'll be happy again.

08 December 2008

happy happy happy

This past weekend my friend Emily came to visit! She used to be a photography major (in my opinion she still should be) and since I pooped out on pictures when we went to Annapolis (early pregnancy, what can I say?) she took some for us while she was here. It worked out perfectly- since I am a photographer myself, I just wanted someone to take the pictures and let me edit them myself. And now I have current, awesome pictures of ME and my little family! Thanks Emily!!!

This just happens to be my favorite. It makes me smile every time I look at it.

What do you think?

05 December 2008

another favorite...

this time from an engagement session.

02 December 2008

image of the week

I've been buckled down editing images for the past little while, and I must say, I cannot get over the scrumptious-ness of this image. It's a shame she's not my child 'cause I want it BIG on my wall. So Shelley, does this make you want to see the rest?

18 November 2008

it's that time of year...

The holidays are almost upon us and they wouldn't be complete without a trip to IKEA! Rob and I are heading up THIS Saturday so if you need anything and would like us to pick it up for you, just email me. And hopefully the next time we need to make an IKEA trip we'll have one a lot closer...

11 November 2008

Relief and Release

First, thank you for all the kind words and comfort. Your love has meant a lot.

And second, I'm sure everyone is wondering how we're (specifically me) doing. Well, we're doing pretty good, and I feel great. Both physically and spiritually.

The day after it all happened Rob and I went on a date and entrusted Max to my sister. Afterwards, we went to her boyfriend's sisters' where they all were to pick him up. Leah (my sister's boyfriend's sister) had just had a baby 8 days before so I got to hold precious Allie and I was amazed that there was no pain. Despite my feelings on losing the baby, and knowing I was ok, I was still a little worried how I would be around newborns. But I didn't need to worry. Yes, I was looking forward to having my own, but there is no pain or anger or hurt associated with babies or the ones who had them (or are having them). A little sadness, but no pain. And I realized that night that the healing process was complete. Someday I will have my own newborn again, but for now I am content to hold others'.

So, physically I am amazing. I haven't felt this good in a long time. It's kind of funny- having a miscarriage, especially 12 weeks into the pregnancy, makes you realize just how much a pregnancy (and recovery from giving birth/having a newborn) takes out of you. Once you actually have the baby, it's a gradual recovery, while with this it was almost instantaneous. Once the cramps stopped, I was great. I have energy again, and MOTIVATION again (something I have been struggling to muster for awhile now). And I am enjoying it. I really don't think I've felt this great since high school. Iarc (short for Interior Architecture) is insanely demanding, so I've felt like I was dragging for the past five years and I would just tell myself to wait for graduation, everything will be good then. Then I graduated and the month of August was a little crazy and then I got pregnant so I never felt the sense of relief or release I was anticipating. But now, I feel it. And it feels soo good.

06 November 2008

Life is Funny

I am a planner. I like to know all the details in advance, to be prepared for anything. So naturally, when I was 17 or 18 I started planning the rest of my life. Taking in account my life up to that point, I figured I wouldn't get married for awhile. So I planned things so I could take care of myself until that happy day would occur years in the future. I chose a very labor-intensive major that would take longer than your typical 4 years of college, but would probably make me lots of money when I graduated. Well, I was wrong. I went to college, met a boy, and married him 8 days after my 19th birthday. Me being the planner I am, I altered my plan to fit in a husband, but I figured children should wait until I was done with school. Well, then I had Max my 4th year of school. And I altered my plan to fit in a child, but wanted to wait until we were both college graduates and Rob had a career and we had a third bedroom before having another. Well, I graduated, and started having thoughts about another one, even though Rob didn't have a career and we still only have two bedrooms. And I decided, you know what, I need to stop planning. So I did. Now, I am much more relaxed, I have not had any major anxiety since letting go of "my plans." And it's a good thing.

We got pregnant late August/early September and both Rob and I had mixed feelings about it. It's easier said than done to completely let go of a plan, but we gradually accepted, and got excited, about having another baby, two bedrooms and all. But life is ironic.

Once we finally wanted the baby, it wasn't to be. Yesterday we found out that our baby is dead. It was a very sad day; lots of tears were shed. Yet lots of comfort has been found as well.

I feel very strongly that a fetus possesses a spirit. Max started getting very clingy not long after I graduated, and I didn't know why until I found out I was pregnant. His clingy-ness coincided with my conceiving. He knew that there was a baby there before I did. And Rob made the comment "Children are closer to the spirit," which makes perfect sense. Max could sense the spirit entering the baby before any of us could. I also feel very strongly that it was a boy, our Nicola. I read an article not that long ago about miscarriage and the idea that a spirit will come and go and come again when the time is right to be born, something I had never thought about before. And I know that Nicola came, but this body was unfit for him, so he left. But he'll be back when the time is right.

I am incredibly grateful for my membership in the church. I know who I am, and the plan Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for me. Even though I wanted this baby, losing it has made me appreciate more what I do have: my family. Max's hugs have never felt so good, Rob's gentle hand on my back has never brought me such comfort. And I have never felt so strongly the love of an ever-present Heavenly Father.

I also had the thought while waiting around doctor's offices yesterday, that if our Heavenly Father knows everything, and so knew that this body wasn't going to work out, why did I have such strong promptings to have another baby? And I think it was a trail of my, and Rob's, faith. The world today does not encourage couples to have babies unless they have large houses, and large incomes, the best health care, and all those worldly things we think a baby needs. And in a way, that was exactly how Rob and I were thinking. The Family: A Proclamation to the World says "We declare that God's commandment for His children to multiply and replenish the earth remains in force... Parents have a sacred duty to rear their children in love and righteousness." A baby does not need all the things of the world, it needs a loving home where a father and mother nurture and teach: things that neither income nor social status determines. Even though Rob and I, in a worldly sense, were not prepared to have another child, in a spiritual sense we were. I am so grateful that we recognized that. And I am grateful that we passed this test.

20 October 2008

drumming up business...

jax harmon photography from Jax Harmon on Vimeo.

So, Jax Harmon Photography is officially open for business! But the website is still under construction, so in the meantime the above video is there to show you what I do.

The purpose for this post, however is to announce that I am having a holiday special on family sessions! This Saturday, October 25th, and Saturday, November 1st I will be at Guilford College in Greensboro at 10am and will stay for however many sessions I need to. The price is $50 per family and that includes the session, a CD with 10 images, and photo-editing. For an additional $50, you can get ALL the images from your session.

If you are interested, you can email me at jaxharmon[at]gmail[dot]com. I will be doing them in one hour increments (10am, 11am, etc.). The last one on the 25th will be at 1pm, but on the 1st I can stay as long as I need to. So just let me know what time(s) you would prefer on which day. (And if you can or cannot be flexible with the time, let me know- if I can, I would like to have them one after the other so that I don't have a session at 10am and then have to wait around until 4pm to do another)

And just a fyi: I just recently got new photo-editing tools and used them on all the images in the video. If there is an image of you in there and you would like an updated copy, just let me know.

14 October 2008

just thinking...

So, I promise there is a meaty post somewhere in the near future, I just have to download the pictures off my camera first.

But in the meantime, I was just wondering: do all the rest of you women out there have as much trouble with your hips as I do? I have no idea if I had this problem before Max, but it just might have been because I didn't have a child yet. But I find myself knocking him over with my hips ALL THE TIME. And it's not like I swing them into him or anything, it's completely unintentional. Perhaps it's because our children always seem glued to our sides or maybe he's just the perfect height, but every time I walk by him I manage to knock his head or hit his arm if he's drinking or something. And I really don't think my hips are THAT big, I mean, I can't even find a pair of jeans small enough for heaven's sake. So I don't what the deal is- am I alone in this?

09 October 2008

this moved me.

I'm not Catholic, I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. But this video crosses denominations.

01 October 2008


Ok, so I'm due May 17th.

And luckily I'm not that sick. I have good days and bad days- I've thrown up a couple times, but I've also had a couple of days where I felt good enough that I forgot I was pregnant. Although those days haven't happened recently.

It's funny, 'cause I really don't remember much of my first trimester with Max. I do know I would throw up every morning- but that didn't start until I was 10 weeks along. But I have no idea if I felt crappy the rest of the time or if I threw up and was good for the day. And I don't remember being this tired. Someone told me before I even got pregnant with Max that they always knew they were pregnant when they started sleeping all the time. Well, I would be tired and sleep all the time anyway because of school, so that didn't help me know I was pregnant. But with this one, that was definitely the case. I sleep ALL THE TIME. So if I blow you off, it's probably 'cause I'm sleeping, not because I'm sick.

So yeah, I'm just hoping and praying that the nausea goes away when I hit the second trimester so I can get things done (I have NO motivation to do anything but lounge around the house right now). But even if it doesn't, I know I'll at least enjoy being pregnant a little bit more because the baby will be moving and I'll start getting a belly (the fun parts!).

In the meantime, I am taking it day by day and taking advantage of when I do feel good.

29 September 2008

a monday afternoon poem

yeah, so i'm pregnant.

and i feel like crap.

the end.

19 September 2008

my quirks

Ok, so I have way more than just six...

1. I collect things. Like mis-tint paints. Every time we walk into a hardware store I am drawn to them and ultimately leave with at least one (same with the paint chips).

2. I could look at Russian men all day long. Well, most of them. The other day I found a picture of Putin in a magazine and asked my sister "Isn't he ridiculously good-looking?" And of course she told me heck no and I was weird. I think it's the cheekbones.

3. I have to have LIGHT, especially if I'm working on something- hence the 5 lamps on my desk. If I had my way, I would have glass walls in my house and halogen lights in every room for when the sun went down.

4. Once I start something, I can't stop. Like books or quilts or whatever project I happen to be working on- I get it done in as short a time as possible, ignoring everything else happening or need to happen.

5. I am constantly rearranging the furniture in my house. I am never content to just leave it be. And it usually happens between the hours of 7 and 11pm- those are my inspiration hours.

6. I HAVE to sleep with a blanket or something on me. I just can't sleep laying somewhere, I have to have something over me, I don't know why.

And I tag Molly, Emile, Kristie, Jessica, Rachel, and Angelica (you're supposed to list your six quirks and tag 6 people too)

14 September 2008

fish are friends, not food.

Well, our friend Rex is dead. So sad. The worst part is, I WATCHED HIM DIE. That sounds very sadistic of me, but what happened is I went to feed him yesterday and he was acting strangely. Flopping around and breathing heavily close to the surface of the water. So I yell to Rob (his family owns a fish store after all)
"Come here, the fish is acting weird." So he comes and he looks and says "I think he's dead." And I'm like "No, he was just flopping around a second ago, that's why I called you in here." And Rob is like "I think he's dead."
I still didn't believe him, and he left and after a couple of minutes I realize the fish really is dead and I witnessed his last moments in life. Oh well.

On a different note, Emily came to visit and no she is not a fish nor is she food, she is my best friend. We have been friends since we were about seven- that never sounded impressive to me before, but now that we are 23 it does. We don't get to see each other as much anymore because I live in NC now and she still lives in VA when she's not out at BYU-Idaho or on a mission, so we had a good time. We had a couple of catching-up conversations-good food eating-more talking-movie watching-trying on jeans-hair-cutting days. It was nice. But she had to go home yesterday and now I miss her. I can't wait until we see each other again! (Hopefully soon)
Emily and I

10 September 2008

elder rambo is a ninja

(if you look closely you can see the frisbee covering elder gardiner's eyes [the guy with the blue shirt].)
we had fun.

29 August 2008

spontaneous trip to the countryside

A couple (or more) weeks ago Max and I just happened to be outside when I looked up. And that sky! It was delicious. I decided then and there that we were going to venture out into the country to capture this gorgeous sky. So we did. We drove around and I would randomly pull over onto the side of the road and click away. Here are the results: is that sky magnificent or what? I feel like I should be in Kansas when I look at them.

Afterwards, because Max was such a good sport sitting in the car while I was off galavanting in fields, we went to the Creamery to get some ice cream! Seriously, next to Carl's in Fredericksburg, this is the best ice cream ever.
Here is Max's "give me the goods" face:
I got him a bowl, but he insisted on eating my cone instead.

And Max, the creamery store, and that amazing sky (although by this point it was getting late and it wasn't as good as before).
It was fun to be spontaneous.

28 August 2008

Nie Nie Day

When I have tons of things better to do, I tend to surf around the blog world and read about complete strangers lives. I love it. A few months ago I stumbled onto this blog, and felt an instant connection with this mom. Part of it was her awesome design sense, and part the fact that her boys are named Oliver and Nicholas (two names Rob and I already had picked out for our future children). So, intrigued, I went back and quickly fell in love with her entire life. She is nothing short of inspirational- from having kids young, to loving her husband, to living the gospel, and doing it all while looking fabulous. When I found out about the crash, I kept going back at first to check her and her husbands progress, and then delved into her archives. And her beautiful life has touched mine. At a time when I'm not sure what's next besides staying at home with my son (what do you do all day?) I now have a focus and am reminded of what is really important. And despite this tragedy Stephanie and her husband Christian have to bear, I know that someday soon they'll be home with their children, continuing their beautiful life.

Is this not one of the most beautiful pictures you have ever seen? It is Stephanie Nielsen with her youngest Nicholas. (I stole it off her blog)

27 August 2008

exciting news!

This arrived in the mail today:
And I was expecting it.

What I wasn't expecting, however, is this little ditty:

Take that all you people who think you can't be a wife, mother, and student all at the same time.

05 August 2008

Things that have made me happy in the near past...

1. finishing school
(this is my project on display at school)

2. my new hair

3. the beach

4. seeing the sunrise TWICE
(but just once over the water)

5. getting to see these two again

30 July 2008


done done done done done done done.

It feels so good.

After the show I had to pack up all my stuff and take it home since I'm going to the beach tomorrow. Right before my last trip to the car, I stopped to look at all the projects one more time. Everyone else was already gone so I had the place to myself and as I stood there then walked up the stairs I started to feel a little sad for the first time. Emotional is not a word used to describe me during these last few months of school, but tonight it definitely applied. Now, don't get me wrong, I am still over the moon about being done, but this has been my life for the past five years so it's a little sad to end it. I had some really good times and found my soul mates for life, as well as grew into the person I am today. So, goodbye iarc. I have some wonderful memories. I'll miss you.

28 July 2008


Right now, this is what Rob and Max and all the rest of my family are looking at:

While I get to stare at this:
Tell me how that's fair.

24 July 2008

more pictures

With LESS THAN A WEEK left of school, I haven't had a ton of opportunities to play with my new camera, so I've just hauled it around while Max plays.

This was Sunday at my parents house:

And the other morning when Max was having breakfast:

And Tuesday Max REALLY wanted to go outside, despite the fact it was so humid it felt like you were swimming when you walked. So I let him run around in just a diaper and shoes, the horrible mother I am.

Max also learned how to pick the bitter blackberries next to the driveway...

and threw them.

EVERYTHING is meant to be thrown or kicked in this child's mind. Maybe the next one will be an artist? Please?

19 July 2008

Ok, ok, here it is.

I got my camera and I LOVE IT! A nice camera really makes all the difference. I'm not going to lie, though- it freaked me out when I first got it 'cause I had no idea how to use it. Not only is it the most advanced camera I've ever had, it's also my first Canon. So, I proceeded to sit down and read half the manual, and then everything was ok. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to play with it much as I now have a WEEK AND HALF left of school! Yay!! But it means a LOT of work as I am finishing my thesis during that week and a half. But anyway, I did take some pictures the other day...

I LOVE this lens, I think we're going to be good buddies:
And now for the surprise:

I got a fisheye lens!!!! I have wanted one for YEARS. They are so fun! Rob will probably hate me for putting this one up:

And this is my friend Shelley playing with Max and Shaelyn:

14 July 2008

working working working.

So, seeing as how I'm doing my thesis right now, I have to work on stuff a lot. While I work, Max gets to run free in the house. As parents of toddlers know, when it gets quiet you know something's up. Well, it got quiet the other day and this is what I found...

The sad thing is, they're still there.

13 July 2008


Max FINALLY enjoys nursery. It only took 4 months, but hey, it's better than never. In fact, he enjoys it so much now that he throws a tantrum every week when it's time to leave. I'll take a tantrum as we're leaving to when we're arriving any day, though- I can just stick him in his seat and go home.

The little man exhausted from all the excitement.

11 July 2008

can you feel the excitement?!

I just ordered my camera!!!!!!!!! I am over the moon! And this (imagine my fingers only an inch apart) close to having my business up and running. And I'm not even telling you the best part, you'll have to wait a week.

08 July 2008

just some questions i got in an email and decided to answer here too.


2. DIAMONDS OR PEARLS? neither, i don't like jewelry, it's a waste of money


4. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE TV SHOW? of all time? probably seinfeld or everybody loves raymond

5. WHAT DO YOU USUALLY HAVE FOR BREAKFAST? cereal or a bagel or nothing

6. WHAT IS YOUR MIDDLE NAME? datus- it's a family name, ok?


8. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CD? i have a lot, but the juno soundtrack is up there, alongwith melee, and meganoidi

9. WHAT KIND OF CAR DO YOU DRIVE? a 2002 subaru outback sport, manual (i can't stand automatics)

10. FAVORITE SANDWICH? roast beef on REAL bread, the kind you have to tear with your teeth, with lettuce, mayo, sprouts, cucumbers, green peppers and onions.


12. FAVORITE ITEM OF CLOTHING: right now i'm pretty in love with my keens, but i also love jackets and carigans


WHERE WOULD YOU GO? Svalbard, Huangshan mountain, and lots more

14. WHAT COLOR IS YOUR BATHROOM? plum and mint and orange


16. WHERE WOULD YOU RETIRE TO? probably the washington dc area, it's my favorite

17. WHAT WAS YOUR MOST MEMORABLE BIRTHDAY? i don't like the attention, so probably the one where i stayed home and did what i wanted to do

18. FAVORITE SPORT TO WATCH? i don't like sports. some people don't believe in organized religion, well, i don't believe in organized sports.

22. FAVORITE SAYING? [insert name] you fat lard!


24. ARE YOU A MORNING OR NIGHT PERSON? a morning person if i can wake up early enough (like 5 am), but if i miss that deadline, then i am a night person

25. WHAT IS YOUR SHOE size? 4 1/2 to 5 in womens, 3 in mens

26. PET? a cat and a fish, but once they die i'm done

27. ANY NEW AND EXCITING NEWS YOU WOULD like to share? i'm almost done with college!!! july 30th baby!

28. WHAT DID YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU WERE LITTLE? a baker or a hair stylist or a designer


30. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CANDY? reeses peanut butter cups

31. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE FLOWER? right now poppies

FORWARD TO? august 11th i will be an official college graduate, and the day my new camera arrives!!!

33. WHAT WAS THE LAST THING YOU ATE? i think i had some fruit snacks before i went to bed last night

34. DO YOU WISH ON STARS? no. they can't make them true.

35. IF YOU WERE A CRAYON WHAT COLOR WOULD YOU BE? hmmm. scarlet red or maybe burnt ochre

36. HOW IS THE WEATHER RIGHT NOW? kinda sunny, already looks hot and humid.

37. FAVORITE DRINK? vanilla coke

38. FAVORITE RESTAURANT? i think don, it's AMAZING

39. SIBLINGS? one older brother, two younger sisters

40. FAVORITE DAY OF THE YEAR? summer solstice- i love sunlight! someday i'll be in the arctic for it, and the sun'll never set.


42. SUMMER OR WINTER? i like winter, but not here- it doesn't get cold enough to actually bundle up or snow

43. HUGS OR KISSES? both, and lots of them

44. COFFEE OR TEA? neither


47. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED? probably the other night when we watched pirates 3- i always cry in movies

48. WHAT IS UNDER YOUR BED? nothing- the bed sits on the ground, the way i like it to


50. WHAT DID YOU DO LAST NIGHT? read some, and helped rob fill out some paperwork, and slept

51. FAVORITE SMELL? fresh baked bread

52. WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF? the dark, as only someone from the city can be

53. SALTY OR SWEET? both at the same time


55. HOW MANY YEARS AT YOUR CURRENT JOB? 5 as a college student, almost 22 months as a mom, and i'm about to start a new career in august


57. HOW MANY TOWNS HAVE YOU LIVED IN? technically, none- i've only lived in cities, and 3 of those

58. DO YOU MAKE FRIENDS EASILY? once i muster up the courage to talk to them

05 July 2008

I just got these shoes a week or so ago and I LOVE THEM. They are the absolute most comfortable shoes I have worn in my life. And, my feet can breathe. And they go anywhere. They may just make an appearance to church. (Just kidding, but they really are that comfortable)

28 June 2008

I have a question...

How do you pick out oranges/tangerines/clementines that are sweet instead of bitter?

19 June 2008

We're going to IKEA!!!!!

So, this Saturday, the 21st of June, we are making our as-often-as-possible pilgrimage to IKEA. Because IKEA is 5 hours away, we will be taking orders if there is anything anyone needs from there. Granted, we will just be taking my wagon, no truck, so please keep it to small furniture or accessories. If you would like to check out IKEA's stuff, go here. And, for those who would like to make the pilgrimage as well, we would love to have you. As long as you are as dedicated as we are; we are leaving at 5am from our house. So, if you are interested in making an order or coming with, just email me!

17 June 2008

completely random,

but kind of fun. I was tagged, so here are 6 random facts about me...

1. My favorite pizza toppings are bacon and onions.

2. I have to buy my bras in the little girl section.

3. The nurse thought I had downs syndrome when I was born, but the doctor squelched that pretty quickly.

4. My feet are two different sizes, and so are my hands.

5. I want to adopt children from all over the world- as many as we can afford to.

6. I have a dark speck in my eye (it's part of the coloring) and if I'm looking at something white up close I can see it- it looks like a cluster of cells, like what you see in a microscope.

I tag Molly, Shelley, Lizz, Erika, Kristie, Benjiman (haha!).

13 June 2008

Um.... the New Kids on the Block?

My studio buddy showed this to me today and we both had a good laugh... I think they are desperate for either money or attention, or both. I especially love it when they break it down close to the end. Can't have a music video without that. What's worse, is that people LIKE it.

09 June 2008

Some days...

I wonder why I wanted to have a child.

Then he comes up, hugs my legs, and looks at me with those puppy dog eyes,

and I remember why.

05 June 2008

getting old...

Even though I keep denying it, Max is getting older. The evidence:

He uses the big boy swing now.

He can play video games with his dad. Granted, he doesn't really know what's going on, but by randomly pressing buttons he managed to score a touchdown. And he's only 20 months old. We're going to have to really restrict his video-game playing.

He's only going to keep getting older. So sad.

01 June 2008

a healthy dose of perspective

I hate being sick, but sometimes it's a very necessary thing. This past Monday (memorial day) Rob and I came down with some mysterious illness that lasted ALL week. Monday was the only day I had a fever, but the crappy, I-feel-like-I'm-going-to-pass-out-or-die feeling stuck around along with a severe sore throat. And, like life is, I couldn't stay in bed all week so I had to go out and about my business anyway, feeling like I would collapse at any moment. I didn't realize just HOW bad I felt until today, though. I feel SO much better and actually have energy again. And the world is good again. All week I was stressing about getting my work done- namely, all the writing I have to do for my thesis, and how to take care of church callings and Max and keep the house clean. Today, I feel like I can take on the world. I have motivation, I have energy, and I have love (very important when you have a toddler). Now, all I can hope is that I can keep this motivation and not need another dose of perspective. I really don't have time to get sick again.

22 May 2008

happy mothers day, graduation, birthday, and anniversary to me!

All of the above fall within 2 months of each other, so it gets difficult to keep the momentum going. I think Rob did a good job this time.