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29 September 2009


So, meet:
I took Othello to get neutered last week, and the vet told me that "no news is good news." I then got a phone call that afternoon and as I was picking it up I was thinking "uh oh, something's gone wrong." But no, Othello was doing great, but just happens to be a girl, not a boy, so she got spayed instead.

I felt like an idiot.

But when I picked her up, they told me that they have sex changes all the time, especially with kittens. That made me feel a little better.

After that, I wasn't sure if I could trust our judgment on the sex of all the kittens. Did we just get Othello wrong, or are they all different than what we thought?

Today I found out that we weren't wrong at all, at least at first. My sister's friend who took the other black kitten took hers to get spayed this week. But got neutered instead.

So I just accidentally took the wrong kitten home. Oh well. Ophelia is definitely ours now.

note: i had to take alfonzo back because 3 cats were too much for our 900 square foot home and there were some territorial issues going on. But he is still up for adoption if anyone is interested! He is SO SWEET and it absolutely BROKE my heart (still does) that he couldn't stay. He also has a sister awaiting a home too: she's a gray kitten and really sweet too.

22 September 2009

this day 3 years ago...

I was lying in a hospital bed, languishing in IMMENSE pain.

Lucky for me, I was received an end to my misery when,
in the wee hours of the next morning,
I was blessed with this dark-haired little cone-headed alien.

Named Maximillian.

(and no, today is not his birthday. Tomorrow is. [Didn't you get the wee hours of the NEXT morning bit?])

11 September 2009

i want to be here again.

10 points to whoever can tell me where this is.

08 September 2009

labor day festivities

So, my new title is Jackie Harmon, pandemic survivor.

Yup, that's right, I had the swine flu. For labor day. Lucky me.

And what's even luckier, I had it while Rob is out of town and had Max all to myself (although my sister took him off my hands for a few hours yesterday).

Want the run-down?

It wasn't bad AT ALL. I have NO IDEA what all the fuss is about, it was by-far the EASIEST flu I've ever had. As long as I had motrin in me, I felt fine. Like, maybe a little tired, but otherwise fine. But the weirdest thing was that I never had the contagious symptoms: I never had a runny nose or sneezed, and I had a SLIGHT fever for all of a couple hours the first day. Like I said, definitely EASY to deal with.

And today, I feel normal again without any motrin so I think it's safe to say I survived. But I will still be quarantined (just in case) and will be taking my temperature constantly just to make sure I'm ok. And maybe we'll venture out tomorrow. (You're supposed to stay away from people 24 hours after your fever breaks and that would've been last night, but I'm being cautious)

And guess what? I STILL have NO IDEA how I got it. I don't know ANYONE who's had it, or even where it's been found. But I guess if any of you get it, I'll be patient zero. Sorry.