28 April 2008

Robbing the Cradle

Almost every single time I meet someone new, I hear "You look so young!" I get it all the time. What I want to know is what is it that makes me look so young? It's not my skin- I'm already getting wrinkles and I huge pores. And I have a few grey hairs. I definitely don't feel young- I feel older than I am. So what is it?

24 April 2008


I LOVE books. And to read. It is my personal addiction. Once I pick up a book and read the first couple of pages, I can't stop until I'm done. I also read very fast. I read a 350 page book in under 5 hours. So I go through books rapidly. To keep my book craving satisfied, I go to Edward McKays. It's the BEST place EVER. Today I got 8 books for 6 dollars. That was pretty pricey for me too. Michael Crichton is one of my favorite authors and his books are 10 cents. Not bad, huh? So next time you guys get a book craving, go to a used bookstore. They're the best. Oh, and I highly recommend Jurassic Park. It 's my favorite book.

12 April 2008

Monica, Oh My Darling!

We watched this video in my music class when we were studying Bollywood and I LOVE it! It is so entertaining to watch, I love the choreography and the breathy singing. The other day when Rob and I were at the bookstore I saw a Bollywood dancing exercise video. I'm thinking about getting it so I can dance like this too:)

Modest is Hottest

Today at REI they had a members only sale, so we thought we'd check it out. By the time we got there there wasn't much, but I did find this wetsuit in my size for only $18! EIGHTEEN DOLLARS! Those things are usually closer to $200. So, even though I don't need one anytime soon, we got it just because. I will totally be rockin' it at the beach this year.

Tyra Banks Gone Wild

I am a little behind the times... but all I have to say is go Tyra, go!

11 April 2008

It may not be Nemo, but it's close enough.

Rob's parents own Aquamain's Fish World, and whenever we go there to see Rob we usually end up wandering the aisles looking at all the fish. As Finding Nemo is one of Max's favorite movies, he will usually spot all the fish from the movie in the store and gets really excited about fish in general. I just happen to be a fish killer (as well as a plant killer) so we don't have a fancy tank in our house. But I figured we could probably handle a betta, and they got some really cool betta kits in the store, so we're trying out the fish again (I've had two bettas- Oh!Henry who was a good fish and led a full, happy life and Bernini who was a very angry fish and did not last because of it, and kept guppies and other "easy" fish to breed, but they had a tendency to die before getting pregnant or getting someone pregnant. It was sad). Anyway, so now we have a new addition- Rex. So far, so good. He eats, which is a good sign.

Since he is "Max's" fish he got to help set the itty bitty tank up. That involved dumping half the gravel onto the floor. And yes, that is tape holding the top on because Max kept taking it off. But he really enjoyed it, and loves the tank. He even calls Rex "fishie." As Max is still more the silent type, it's really cute.

09 April 2008

My little grease monkey.

This morning Rob changed the oil in our car and Max was right there with him. He went right up to the tool box and started rummaging through the tools, crawled under the Samurai, and found the oil pan fascinating. Before we know it he'll be handing Rob the tools...

He even got some grease on his forehead.

05 April 2008

What I didn't know I missed...

Having thought I lost my pictures, now that they're back I can't get enough of them. I keep looking at them and can't believe how different, and grown, Max is now. These are just a few of my favorites...

04 April 2008


This morning Max decided to get his own breakfast...

He can't resist Krispy Kreme either. Next time I'll have to remember to put the box on the counter instead of the table where he can reach them.

03 April 2008

Oh Happy Day!

So, the other Friday morning I was sitting on the couch, eating a bowl of cereal. I was just in my own world, staring into space, thinking about whatever when I noticed what was on the coffee table. It was Rob's portable hard drive. After mine crashed, he gave it to me so I could use it, but I didn't need it, so I told him he could have it back. So I took it out of my bag and set it on the coffe table and that's where it's stayed for awhile. As I was looking at it, I remembered it was our first portable hard drive. And that it's name is Velvet Banana. And that it was mine first, before I got the bigger, nicer hard drive. And that on my nicer, bigger hard drive was a folder called Velvet Banana. That held everything that I had copied from my computer to it when I first got memory. Including the pictures from my computer! I practically threw the bowl of cereal aside and grabbed up the hard drive and connected it to my computer and voila! There is a folder called Max's life, with all of my pictures up through our trip west! SO, I still lost the beach pictures and on, but I have the bulk of his life!!!!!!!! It made my day.

02 April 2008

I feel like I'm just trying to survive.

When I look at a date, it means nothing to me. March 30th. No idea when that was. I have to look at a calendar to realize that it was Sunday. I live week to week, planning things in the future, but don't do them once I realize the future is already here. Like with spring break, we were going to go up to DC. Never happened. By the time spring break arrived we didn't feel like going because we had too much to do here. I'd planned a couple of projects to do by next weekend. Guess what? Still not done. I honestly don't know what to do with myself. All I can think about is tomorrow is Thursday. I have my music class on Thursdays. Oh, and Max has a doctor's appointment. Very important, can't miss that. I have NO IDEA what I'm doing this weekend. I think it's conference. It has to be, fast Sunday was last Sunday. Which means Paige is going to Utah to see it live. I'm so jealous. So I'll be listening to conference. That definitely brightens up my weekend! But after that, who knows what'll happen? I'll be taking it day by day, or couple of days by couple of days like usual. I hope I can snap out of this once the semester's over, and at the very least, once I graduate. Then hopefully I'll feel like living instead of just surviving again. And that's my ramble for tonight. Now I can go to bed.