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19 April 2010

new love

Here she is. The OTHER woman in my husband's life. And why should I feel threatened? I mean, she's only gorgeous. and sleek. and powerful. and seductive. and Italian. And her name is Francesca, which is a pretty awful name if you ask me (that was sarcasm). So no, I am not jealous that she gets to see more of my husband than I do right now. Not at all. (that's what I keep telling myself)

09 April 2010

just one for now.

We're back after a whirlwind of activity the past couple of weeks. And I can honestly say this was probably the highlight of it all:

Me and my Lieutenant sharing a moment (I'm pinning his 2nd Lieutenant bars on his uniform after the commissioning ceremony). I must admit I was a bit weepy at this point.

Although Rob might argue bringing his Ducati home was a bigger highlight. Boys will be boys.