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15 October 2013

time keeps marching forward.

No matter how much I want life to slow down it keeps laughing at me and speeding up. Before I know it all my kids will be grown and gone, leaving me in an empty house. Although I'm not going to lie, I am excited by the prospect of that empty house being clean. (and not having to share my food...)

Like most of you, I find myself in that weird place where I'm simultaneously excited for the future and missing the past. I look at photos of my sweet hours-old infants and yearn to be snuggling those little blobs again. But at the same time, if I never see another dirty diaper again I will be quite content. I'm not the only one who feels this way, right?

(yes, that is a little people car he is holding with his mouth. Apparently their big heads make great grips)

And speaking of experiencing conflicting emotions simultaneously, this little booger has me feeling this way every day. On the one hand I just love him so much I want to squeeze him...        And on the other I just want to pull my hair out as he unfolds all the clean clothes right after I folded them. Or I find him trying to climb onto the top bunk. Or pulling everything out of the bathroom cabinets. Or pushing the screen door open and trying to escape. The fun never ends with this one...