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29 September 2007

Happy Birthday to Max!

September 23rd 2006 at 2:30am Maximillian Wesley Harmon forced his way into the world and life for the Harmon family has never been the same. So in celebration of the one year anniversary of that grand event, we had a Pirate birthday party for him last Saturday, and then on Sunday celebrated with family.

His skull and crossbones cake- yummy!

Chasing balloons with Clara

The Birthday boy himself

Showing Aunt Paige which way to go during the treasure hunt

Cora found the treasure!

Opening his presents

Opening presents at Nonna's house

Trying to escape opening presents

Eagerly anticipating his cake (he wouldn't touch the cake at the party)

Having some juice in his adorable new jammies

All birthday'd out

And now some video of his birthday....


  1. That video was so cute! So funny how he picked up the entire cake and tried to shove it in his mouth. We had a great time at the birthday party! You guys did an awesome job. Thanks again for including us!

  2. So bummed we missed the party. Ultra-competitive Brandon would've been all over that treasure hunt. How funny that his cravings for cake changed so dramatically from one day to the next. You can tell he was digging on it at the family party.

  3. It's Shelley's sister, Shannon. I just have to say that Max has made me so excited to have my little baby boy! He is just so cute!!!