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29 August 2008

spontaneous trip to the countryside

A couple (or more) weeks ago Max and I just happened to be outside when I looked up. And that sky! It was delicious. I decided then and there that we were going to venture out into the country to capture this gorgeous sky. So we did. We drove around and I would randomly pull over onto the side of the road and click away. Here are the results: is that sky magnificent or what? I feel like I should be in Kansas when I look at them.

Afterwards, because Max was such a good sport sitting in the car while I was off galavanting in fields, we went to the Creamery to get some ice cream! Seriously, next to Carl's in Fredericksburg, this is the best ice cream ever.
Here is Max's "give me the goods" face:
I got him a bowl, but he insisted on eating my cone instead.

And Max, the creamery store, and that amazing sky (although by this point it was getting late and it wasn't as good as before).
It was fun to be spontaneous.


  1. Aw how fun! I love homemade ice cream! And those photos are fantastic!

  2. Great photos! I love when the clouds just take your breath away, and then at night it's the stars...