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02 December 2008

image of the week

I've been buckled down editing images for the past little while, and I must say, I cannot get over the scrumptious-ness of this image. It's a shame she's not my child 'cause I want it BIG on my wall. So Shelley, does this make you want to see the rest?


  1. um, can I see the rest? I also want that child to be mine! What a cutie!

  2. hehe! i make cute kids, what can i say?! the rest also turned out so super cute. but the credit must go to jackie - she is SUCH an amazing photographer. it was hard narrowing down our choices!!!! but i'm so obesessed i've already looked at the ones we bought like 10 times, and i'm uploading them to shutterfly right now to share.

    thanks again jackie. you are amazing!!!

  3. She's precious! I wish you were around here so that you could do my kids as well. They were little terrors when we got their pics done over the weekend. I wish I could see more of those, that one is awesome!

  4. Jax you are amazing! Put us down for a preggo photo shoot with you in March.