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28 February 2010

just popping in.

So we just got back from a trip to VA (quite literally) and are not settled back home yet, but I just wanted to get on here to tell everyone that Rob branched Friday. He got his pick of Field Artillery, which means we're going to Fort Sill OKLAHOMA! I am surprisingly excited about it, not sure why, especially as this is what my mom found when she did a google image search:
It makes me giggle. Although I have a feeling I won't be giggling later. But I'm still excited. I know, you can tell me I'm crazy (but I already know this, I am well aware of my condition).
Anyway, we don't when we go or for how long yet, we have to wait until he gets his orders for that, but at least we know that's where we're going!


  1. That is quite exciting! I hope you guys enjoy Oklahoma, whenever it is you go!

  2. I have been missing you guys like crazy! Will you be at walking group today? And that Oklahoma song is running through my head now...is it running through yours?