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25 March 2010

the elusive mr. s

My husband is a grease monkey. Always has been, always will be. I have the proof too: We have quite the collection of vehicles and car parts in our yard and garage, as anyone who has even been to our house can attest to. And I am cool with that: who wouldn't like a husband that can fix your vehicles? But part of being mechanically-minded means you take a look at machines all the time. Like this time. His birthday last year. When we picked out our next vehicle. And it is beautiful. He would've preferred to buy it then and there, but I gently pointed out the lack of funding and he acquiesced, so we waited. And waited. I told him we could make it happen when he commissioned, that it would be his "LT mobile." And he said ok. Well, guess what's coming up in TWO WEEKS? His COMMISSIONING CEREMONY. So toady I called up the Ducati dealer to inquire into purchasing our bike, only to discover it is GONE. Some happy person out there is riding around on our motorcycle. Can you believe their audacity? Then the panic set in. And the guilt. Because you see, this is a DISCONTINUED model. They don't make them anymore. So I am asking, if you would please, to join me in a moment of mourning for our almost addition.

(Can you see the stars in his eyes? Oh, it breaks my heart)

But never fear! I found a black one in Atlanta that they are holding for us. It is not the same as our red one, but that may prove to be impossible to find. But I am doing my penance and going to the dealership tomorrow to talk about any possibility of finding a red one. Wish me luck! But either way, we'll at least have a Ducati Sport Classic Sport 1000 S. Aren't you impressed I could just write that out without having to copy and paste? That's how much I've talked about that bike today.

I hope he knows I love him.


  1. You are so sweet to him! I am sure he knows that you do. I hope you can find one in red. It is so snazzy looking.

  2. You are a good wife. I stumbled across your blog via an open sketchbook and recognized a fellow Mormon anywhere! Is that the Ogden temple?!
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