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19 April 2010

new love

Here she is. The OTHER woman in my husband's life. And why should I feel threatened? I mean, she's only gorgeous. and sleek. and powerful. and seductive. and Italian. And her name is Francesca, which is a pretty awful name if you ask me (that was sarcasm). So no, I am not jealous that she gets to see more of my husband than I do right now. Not at all. (that's what I keep telling myself)


  1. uh oh jackie. italian and named francesca...

    that was on our top five list of names when we were naming rachelle. we figured EVERYONE would slaughter it and misspell it and the poor kid would be pronouncing and spelling her name her whole life, so we named her rachelle instead. and everyone calls her rachel and she'll still be pronouncing and spelling her name her whole life.

  2. Ah ha ha ha. So nice looking!

  3. Francesca could certainly be my mistress any day hahaha