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15 September 2010

from North Carolina to Oklahoma

(in pictures)

We left North Carolina for Oklahoma 5 days after Nicola was born, on Rob's 31st birthday. We left so soon to give ourselves time to stop as often as we needed... we ended up driving sraight through to OK since the kids were AWESOME. We figured it'd be more of a hassle to stop and stay at a hotel and drag everyone out of the car, only to have to get back in again. We left Greensboro about 3 in the afternoon, and got to Lawton about 4 the next afternoon.

one last picture in NC, right before we leave

the littlest man, doing what he did for most of the trip

in fact, that's what all of us in the back seat did for most of the trip.

soaking up the green

it was nice to do nothing but stare at his little face for 24 hours

before we left NC I had gotten Max a bag full of new goodies, like new (used) gameboy games (although we couldn't find the charger for it before we left so he was only able to play until the battery died. [My family found it after we had left, so they shipped it out for us])

our awesome chauffeur! Rob drove all but 2 hours of the trip. I felt pretty bad, especially since I was asleep for most of it so he didn't even have someone to talk to. One of the downsides to leaving less than a week after giving birth (and the days previous being incredibly busy)...

awake for a little bit to check things out

playing with some new Star Wars toys the next morning


at the Oklahoma welcome center, just over the OK border. I thought these canopies were pretty neat (and appropriate)

enjoying the fresh air and being back together again (finally!)

two daddy's boys

6 days old and already traveled more than some of Rob's former co-workers!

this baby is so chill

and knew how to pose for the camera as soon as he was born

little toes

Max took this of us our first morning in our new home here in Oklahoma. It was nice to finally sleep in my own bed after almost 2 months of an air mattress!

I can honestly say I miss North Carolina, and the east coast in general. As we were driving through the mountains we really regretted not spending more time up there. But we love Oklahoma, it' not quite as green but definitely beautiful in it's own way. We are really happy here and are sad to know we only have a couple more months left here:(


  1. So fun to see your travel pictures! I can't believe you guys didn't stop at a hotel. What troppers. We miss you.

  2. What a fun adventure! And good luck in El Paso. I've been there and I have some distant relative that we stayed with once. While I was there I saw some sister missionaries walking up the street in there long, hot skirts. (We were there in the summer) I was 15 and that really made an impression on the sacrifice of missionaries because it was broiling that day!