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03 October 2011

it's monday.

Well, there is no Sunday Best post today because I didn't get dressed up yesterday. This past weekend was Conference weekend for us, and thanks to sweet technology we can watch it online at home. (it was fabulous too! Definitely the two best weekends of the year) Just picture me in yoga pants and a t-shirt and you've got my outfit.

But here is a picture of Rob so you have something to look at. He is holding his practice samurai sword... he dreams of owning a real one someday.

And, of course, today I am feeling kind of grumpy. My fuse is very short and everything is driving me crazy. I think the fact that last night I dreamed of having an uninterrupted night's sleep (which never ever happens) gives me a clue as to why I'm grumpy. Why is that so hard to get? And I'm not just talking about a night where the kids leave me alone... I'm talking an entire night in a sensory deprived room all alone kind of sleep. sigh. I think the boys actually just leaving things be instead of tearing everything apart might help too. My poor studio...

But life goes on. I think a trip to the park is in order, some fresh air will probably do us some good!

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