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21 December 2011

what i wore to the ball: volume two

Rob had another ball last week, this time a Saint Barbara's Day ball (she's the patron saint of artillery). Thankfully I had more notice than the last time so I made my dress. I'm really happy with how it turned out; El Paso doesn't exactly have the greatest selection of fabric stores (just Hobby Lobby and a really crappy JoAnn's... and when I say crappy I mean it in a "the bolts are covered in dust bunnies and other crud" kind of crappy) but I managed to find the the perfect fabric (I needed something that would drape effortlessly, most evening wear fabrics are pretty stiff). Of course they didn't have as much as I needed in the store but I was able to order the rest from the website. I was also really proud of myself because I started making it about a month (maybe more?) before the ball (I usually procrastinate these things), but before I was done I realized it would have to go on the back burner so I could get Christmas presents done and shipped. So I ended up staying up until 3am a couple days before the ball finishing it (so much for being on top of things for once...). And now I have a real ball gown in my closet for all these balls I will have to attend through the years!

Now, here it is. I had planned on snapping a few pictures before we left, but we were running really late (and the sun had already gone down). So here's what I snapped in the mirror (these show the neckline better):



And here's what Rob took when we got home, about 6 hours later (it was a long night so please excuse m very tired eyes and wrinkled dress) (and I deeply apologize for the blurriness and horrible lighting, etc. I love him but he is not a photographer):


I did my hair this time and was excited it actually turned out (and stayed in all night). It's this hairstyle, with my own twist on the bangs.



  1. I can't believe you made that! It is awesome. So nice jackie! Great job! You look amazing in it!

  2. You look amazing! Rob's got himself a trophy wife! :)

  3. Your dress turned out amazing! (And I think we'll have to make a special trip to the Los Cruces Joann's one of these days!)

  4. I LOVE it!!!