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24 July 2012


I hope you're ready for a brain dump of sorts. I've got the full-on last-few-weeks-of-pregnancy-can't-focus-on-anything brain going these days.  I guess I could just say that the past few weeks have been CRAZY (with a bit of fun thrown in there). And add into that a growing belly and very active little one inside said belly along with plenty of braxton-hicks contractions, and you get one very tired mom. Who also manages to develop high blood pressure (but no preeclampsia, thank goodness) and get put on bed rest. 

Did you know bed rest is HARD? I'm failing at it pretty miserably, I confess. I manage to stay sedentary most of the day, but sometimes you just gotta throw in a load of laundry or cook a quick meal. Or take the dog out back to pee.

I'm now 36 weeks too, and as of last Thursday was dilated to 4cm. So now I'm anxious for this baby to get out of my body, especially as I can feel my body hunkering down and doing the necessary preparations needed for labor and delivery.

It doesn't help that Rob has instituted an Army-related deadline for me. Last week I thought I was free and clear to just let this baby come whenever without any pressure from anyone or anything. I should've known better. I made the Army deadline with Nick, but I'm not so sure this one is going to happen (especially since it is TOMORROW). Sorry Rob.

But anyway, I have no idea how much I'll be around the online world the next little bit. I'm hoping it will be due to being in some of the worst pain of my life and then because of a little tiny human being who needs me, but it's more likely it's because I'm bored out of my head in bed. (I don't have a laptop, so I'm even breaking the rules just typing this up)

I will leave you with this, however:

My 21 year old sister, changing a poopy diaper.
Yes, that is a dishtowel tied around her face. Apparently simply not breathing through your nose is enough...

(and yes, she is the youngest child. I know you were wondering)


  1. Ha ha ha. That picture is so funny. I am glad you have some help over there! Hoping the baby comes quickly!

  2. I hope the baby comes soon!!! :)