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17 April 2013

time needs to slow down!


This little guy is growing way too fast.

He is sooo close to crawling; he's at the get on all fours and rock stage. While it's adorable and exciting, inside I'm mourning the passing of my itty bitty baby.

He is teething AGAIN. He's already got four teeth (the top two and bottom two), but a fifth is trying to make it's appearance (one of the teeth right next to the top teeth).

He eats solid food like a pro. He is not picky AT ALL and shovels in whatever I give him. However, about half of his food still ends up on the floor so Yula's favorite place in the house is right beneath the high chair.

This kid has so. many. clothes. The combination of keeping everything from Max, plus all the extra stuff I bought Nick ('cause baby clothes are cute!), plus the stuff I've bought just for him (because I'm sorry, but baby fashions change too. And six years is an eternity in the fashion world). Paige, you better pray your firstborn is a boy because you'll be set.

I'm his absolute favorite person in the world still, thank goodness. Nothing compares to the way his face lights up when he sees me. Granted, this can be a pain too if I'm trying to get stuff done or, heaven forbid, need to use the bathroom. He does not like me out of his sight.

While I'm his favorite, there is no denying how much he loves his dad, brothers, and Yula. And vice-versa. He is surrounded by love.

He has to be the center of attention at all times. And when we go out he usually is. But there have been a lot of babies born recently and he does NOT like them getting any of his attention. Not at all.

His eyes are most definitely blue. I love it.

Unfortunately, he is not a red head. I was hoping so hard, but he's a brunette with a reddish tinge in the sunlight.

I can't get enough of his cheeks and thighs. Such yummy goodness.

He is such a love and I can't believe I got so lucky to be his mom.

And like it or not buddy, you'll always be my baby.