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03 July 2007

Bathroom Update and Famous Ancestors

Well, I'm sure everyone thinks we're MIA, but we really aren't, we've just been slaving away at our bathroom, among other things. Unfortunately, it is not finished yet, but there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel. The pictures just show a couple of things, and we've made a lot of progress since they've been taken. We now have all the framing in and the plumbing and electrical is almost all done- drywall is in the near future, and after that painting and installing everything! We definitey couldn't have done it this quickly without my dad- Rob can only work on it after work and on Saturdays, so we've had to forego a lot of social events. We also lost a bit of time because Rob's sister got married this past weekend, but more on that in a minute...

The drain holes for the toilet and shower

Our new linen closet- now accessible from the hallway, not the bathroom!

Now for wedding news... Rob's oldest sister Alexis got married to Paul Matthews on our three year anniversary Saturday. They looked incredibly happy, and are now honeymooning in Cancun. It was fun, but a lot of work- it was in Pawleys Island, South Carolina so it was a 4 hour car ride to get there (luckily Max had no issues whatsoever) and Rob and I decorated, did the music, Max was the ring bearer (Rob carried him down the aisle) and I was the photographer. Things felt like they went a million miles an hour, but everything worked out great, and now its over and we can start thinking about our vacations! (More on that later)
Max enjoying the yummy food

Alexis and Paul Matthews

And now, on a completely different note... my mom does lots of family history, and she does a lot of work on ancestry.com. Well, she was showing me all the features on it and you can look up famous relatives! So, here are a few of my famous ancestors/relatives.

On my mom's side:
Edward Winslow (Mayflower Passenger)- 9th great grand uncle
Louisa May Alcott- 4th cousin 5 times removed
Emily Dickinson- 4th cousin 5 times removed
Pearl S. Buck- 4th cousin 6 times removed
Millard Fillmore (13th President)- 9th cousin 6 times removed
Butch Cassidy (American Outlaw)- 5th cousin 4 times removed
Booker T. Washington- 5th cousin 5 times removed
Lillian Gish (silent film actress)- 6th cousin 3 times removed
Laura Ingles Wilder- 6th cousin 3 times removed
Agatha Christie- 7th cousin 2 times removed
Frank Lloyd Wright- 6th cousin 4 times removed
Vina Fay Wright (Ann Darrow in original King Kong)- 7th cousin 2 times removed
EE Cummings- 6th cousin 4 times removed
JP Morgan- 6th cousin 4 times removed
John Locke- 2nd cousin 13 times removed
Spencer Tracy- 8th cousin 2 times removed
George Walker Bush (our current president)- 7th cousin 3 times removed
Orville Wright- 7th cousin 3 times removed
Katherine Hepburn- 8th cousin 2 times removed
Lucille Ball- 9th cousin 1 time removed
Ernest Shakleton (explored Antartica)- 10th cousin 4 times removed
Alfred (Lord) Tennyson- 7th cousin 5 times removed

On my dad's side:
Clement Moore (wrote The Night Before Christmas)-9th cousin 7 times removed
James "Wild Bill" Hickock (American Outlaw)- 4th cousin 7 times removed
Geoffrey Chaucer- 17th great grandfather
Marlon Brando- 6th cousin 4 times removed
Joan Crawford- 7th cousin 2 times removed
Mary Cassatt- 6th cousin 4 times removed
Nathaniel Hawthorne- 5th cousin 7 times removed
John Hancock- 4th cousin 9 times removed
Ralph Waldo Emerson- 5th cousin 7 times removed
William Randolph Hearst- 9th cousin
Laura Welch Bush (our current first lady)- 9th cousin 1 time removed
Robert Frost- 8th cousin 3 times removed
Amelia Earhart- 8th cousin 3 times removed
T.S. Eliot8th cousin 3 times removed
Gerald Ford- 9th cousin 2 times removed
Georgia O'Keefe- 9th cousin 2 times removed

So, there's a few- granted, there are only a couple I'm actually related to by blood- the rest are by marriage. But it's fun to see how connected everyone really is, and pathetic as it is, I have a little bit more motivation to do family history since none of Rob's side is done and I want to see all his famous realtives! So there, now there really is another reason to do your family history.


  1. Wow learning that all those people are related to you in some way is so cool. Maybe that will be the motivation I need to do some of my own family history!

    I hope you guys had a great time a the wedding and we hope to see you both soon!

  2. Hey! I am glad you guys are back safely. It seems like you've been having a great time! The CD you left at our house worked and we got to re-live our day allover again. Thanks again for taking pictures. You are really good.

  3. Looks like it was a beautiful wedding. Love the pic of the two of them on the beach.

    Wow, I feel like I should ask for your autograph right now. With all that fame in your bloodline, it's bound to rub off on you, right?