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21 January 2008

The Arctic Circle, anyone?

For those that don't know, Rob is obsessed with sailing. About once a week I get the "Why don't we sell everything and live on a boat and sail around the world?" To which I respond "I don't want to live on a boat." And then he tells me that I've crushed his dreams and I tell him maybe he should've married someone else. (I know that sounds bad, but if you know us really well you know that our relationship is rich with sarcasm.) Although, I have to admit it was getting to the point where it was getting on my nerves and I would shut him down before he got all the words out. Until this past week. Before, every time he would bring up sailing he would list all the places we could go- sail the Mediterranean, the South Pacific, the Caribbean, etc. and I honestly don't have much of a desire to either sail there (as in the case of the Medditerranean) or go there (as in the case of the Caribbean). But, this week he proposed a new destination: Svalbard. It's about 450 miles north of Norway and about 500 miles south of the North pole. Perfect.

And here are some lovely pictures of our dream vacation:

Ironically enough, we even settled on the boat, and just a couple days before we found the destination: a Nauticat 331. (I think I got that right, Rob, correct me if I'm wrong) Rob first showed it to me on a Nautica clothing poster in Macy's when we were shopping for my coat. They're built in Scandinavia so we know it'll be able to handle the trip, and they're all throughout Europe so parts won't be a problem. And my favorite part, it's a pretty boat.

So, in a few years, probably once we're retired, we'll be packing up and heading off to the Arctic for 6 months. The plan is to celebrate my birthday in Svalbard- it's the longest day of the year so the sun won't set. I'm so excited! And then after that, we'll be off to Antarctica.


  1. Jackie--We are such complete opposites. I think that would be my nightmare vacation.

    But you sound just like Andrew when you say, "In a couple of years when we retire...." What's your secret to early retirement?

  2. Uh, brrrrrrrrr! I would love to sail around the world, but only if it was to warm places! And as long as someone else did the sailing and I could kick back and relax. How does Max feel about sailing?

  3. I am totally with you on the cold destination. The "Hot Spots" are never appealing to me. That really is a nice looking boat. You should take Max with you and let him do all the work so that you can relax and enjoy your retirement! : )