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29 January 2008

The only time I feel alive is when I'm painting. (Van Gogh)

My youngest sister, Laura, goes to Weaver Academy and is in the art program there. Last night the art students had their art show, so Max and I, my parents, and other sister Paige went to see her work. (My dad also teaches at Weaver, so he had to go supervise anyway) Max was surprisingly well-behaved- I think he found all the high-schoolers fascinating AND there were lots of long hallways he could run down. There was a lot of good stuff- my sister's included. It's actually been a month or so since I looked at some art, so it was refreshing to go see some again. And I take pictures of everything, so here are some...

Max munching on some animal crackers in his grandpa's classroom before the show started.

My sisters have been my models since they were pretty young, so Laura is a pro- I started out just taking a picture of her with her work, but we ended up having a mini-session in the hallway. I think the other students and parents thought we were so weird.


  1. Your sister's art is awesome! That's so great that your family lives close and you can participate in things like this.

  2. Sounds like so much fun. It must be really cool to have such an artistic family.

  3. Hahaha! Strike a pose! You're sister is adorable. And who wouldn't want to pose for such an awesome photographer. You totally made me think of me and my sister - modeling in the middle of our school's hallway is EXACTLY the type of thing we would have done!