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17 June 2008

completely random,

but kind of fun. I was tagged, so here are 6 random facts about me...

1. My favorite pizza toppings are bacon and onions.

2. I have to buy my bras in the little girl section.

3. The nurse thought I had downs syndrome when I was born, but the doctor squelched that pretty quickly.

4. My feet are two different sizes, and so are my hands.

5. I want to adopt children from all over the world- as many as we can afford to.

6. I have a dark speck in my eye (it's part of the coloring) and if I'm looking at something white up close I can see it- it looks like a cluster of cells, like what you see in a microscope.

I tag Molly, Shelley, Lizz, Erika, Kristie, Benjiman (haha!).


  1. Small boobs can be a blessing and a curse. Bacon and onions sound good to me!

  2. I have to buy my bras in the old lady section. They don't make them cute after C. And I totally agree with adopting as many children as you can afford! That's our plan, too.

  3. i have a light speck in my eye. but i can't see it from the other side, so yours is better. ps i love everything you write on your blog. and way to go with finishing school. i didnt do that, unless you count hair school.