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13 June 2008

Um.... the New Kids on the Block?

My studio buddy showed this to me today and we both had a good laugh... I think they are desperate for either money or attention, or both. I especially love it when they break it down close to the end. Can't have a music video without that. What's worse, is that people LIKE it.


  1. and what's even funnier is that people who don't like them are posting the video on their blogs. Which means they may end up just as big as they were being that they are getting so much attention from both sides.

  2. i heard a rumor they were trying to make a come back. after seeing that video...it's sad, really, they are grown men at this point. oh, guys, let go...just let go.

  3. LOL. I hear that song, and I couldn't believe it was a bunch of MEN in their mid-late 30's. I especially love that Donny is BALDING!!! They're just trying waaaaaaaay to hard. That kind of stuff is okay for teenagers, or even if they're in their 20's...but when you're grown and married, it's time to give it up!!!