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24 July 2008

more pictures

With LESS THAN A WEEK left of school, I haven't had a ton of opportunities to play with my new camera, so I've just hauled it around while Max plays.

This was Sunday at my parents house:

And the other morning when Max was having breakfast:

And Tuesday Max REALLY wanted to go outside, despite the fact it was so humid it felt like you were swimming when you walked. So I let him run around in just a diaper and shoes, the horrible mother I am.

Max also learned how to pick the bitter blackberries next to the driveway...

and threw them.

EVERYTHING is meant to be thrown or kicked in this child's mind. Maybe the next one will be an artist? Please?


  1. He is so freakin adoreable!!!! Of course he is a boy so everthing is either some kind of weapon or something to destroy!

  2. I think its the highlight of a childs day when they dont have to wear any clothes. Caden always fights us to put on clothes. You camera is awesome!

  3. I love the pictures of him in his diaper. And it always cracks me up when he is chucking things during sacrament meeting. Look out!

  4. I wish my mom had let us go naked more often!

  5. Hey Jax, I've been lurking for a while after finding your incoming links in my website stats. He is so ridiculously adorable!!! He'll get past that throwing/kicking thing eventually, just keep being consistent with what can and can't be thrown. I just love his big brown eyes.

    I must admit, my heart skipped a beat when I saw that 5D! May I ask what lens you got? The picture in the last post where you said 'this lens and I are going to be good friends' Oh that picture is just dreamy! I look forward to seeing more of your work. What type of photography are you going to do? If I could get my money tree growing, I would absolutely be a children's photographer. I love it! Okay sorry for writing a book. I looked at pictures back to the beginning of time here one day! He is just so precious :)