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01 October 2008


Ok, so I'm due May 17th.

And luckily I'm not that sick. I have good days and bad days- I've thrown up a couple times, but I've also had a couple of days where I felt good enough that I forgot I was pregnant. Although those days haven't happened recently.

It's funny, 'cause I really don't remember much of my first trimester with Max. I do know I would throw up every morning- but that didn't start until I was 10 weeks along. But I have no idea if I felt crappy the rest of the time or if I threw up and was good for the day. And I don't remember being this tired. Someone told me before I even got pregnant with Max that they always knew they were pregnant when they started sleeping all the time. Well, I would be tired and sleep all the time anyway because of school, so that didn't help me know I was pregnant. But with this one, that was definitely the case. I sleep ALL THE TIME. So if I blow you off, it's probably 'cause I'm sleeping, not because I'm sick.

So yeah, I'm just hoping and praying that the nausea goes away when I hit the second trimester so I can get things done (I have NO motivation to do anything but lounge around the house right now). But even if it doesn't, I know I'll at least enjoy being pregnant a little bit more because the baby will be moving and I'll start getting a belly (the fun parts!).

In the meantime, I am taking it day by day and taking advantage of when I do feel good.


  1. Well, I'm looking forward to new preggo pictures.. and hopefully you'll get some energy back.. but hey, it's okay to lounge around for awhile! Max is going to make such a great big brother!

  2. I must say it is hard to get motivated to do things lately. I usually clean the house at least once every couple of weeks and now, once every month. I feel you. I hope you feel better soon!

  3. may 17th huh? i hope your first trimester flies by, and you are able to enjoy some of your pregnancy! i hate that first part, its so lame. good luck.

  4. My second pregnancy was awful. I was exhausted the whole 10 months. Something about caring for a toddler and growing another person really exhausted me! I hope this pregnancy for you is better than mine was!