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18 November 2008

it's that time of year...

The holidays are almost upon us and they wouldn't be complete without a trip to IKEA! Rob and I are heading up THIS Saturday so if you need anything and would like us to pick it up for you, just email me. And hopefully the next time we need to make an IKEA trip we'll have one a lot closer...


  1. I love IKEA!!!!! They have the most fun and interesting looking stuff!! You have to love their prices too!! :)

  2. Oh how I LOVE this store!!! Our nearest one is in Houston, 3 hours away. Lucky for me, my mom lives in Houston. She thinks I come to Houston to see her...little does she know...LOL

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I can't believe hat I have never been to an IKEA before. I keep hearing so much about this store that I know I must go! Maybe I can find one in one of our travels and do some Christmas shopping.
    (I deleted my last comment because of a spelling error. I fixed it.) : )

  5. awww. I am so sad and sorry for your loss but so thankful you have a strong support system! Send me an email when you are back, I don't know if you would be interested but I might have some lighting design work for you? Led's could lead to something? miss you