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10 February 2009

25 random things about Max

Because who doesn't want to know a bunch of things about a 2 year old?

1. Max was born with hair all over his body and he still has it- he's like a monkey.

2. He may not talk yet, but he can hit a ball (pitched to him) with a bat.

3. He has a very girly voice.

4. He loves doritoes, but I have to crush them up otherwise he'll just lick them instead of actually eating them.

5. He likes to give kisses. We will break him of that habit before Kindergarten.

6. Peas and cheese are the two things he will turn down candy for.

7. After he takes baths, he likes to streak through the house before putting clothes back on.

8. His head is seriously like a cannonball. It is heavy and he uses it to inflict injuries on the unsuspecting.

9. He likes to lick things. Like faces.

10. He likes to spit too. Watch out- he likes to spit on his hand and then wipe it on people/objects.

11. He has the cutest little buns in the history of the world. They just ask for a pinching.

12. Max has the special talent of destroying a room completely in the blink of an eye.

13. He is very sensitive.

14. And dramatic.

15. He was the easiest baby EVER. Makes me scared what we'll get with a second one.

16. As a baby, he spit up maybe 3 times. And never burped. All his gas would come out the other end (and still does).

17. He LOVES chocolate milk.

18. He doesn't like the old school animated Disney movies, just Pixar. I think it's the singing.

19. He LOVES Star Wars- every time it comes on he says "Oh wow."

20. He loves when the cockroach gets run over in Wall-e and pops back up. He laughs every time.

21. He throws EVERYTHING. Watch out when you're around him.

22. His new favorite activity is riding on the back of dad's bike.

23. I seriously don't think this kid can feel the hot or cold. No matter what, he wants to be outside.

24. He has a funny run/walk- I call it his "sashay"

25. He gives the best hugs. And has the best giggle.


  1. Aw. I love learning all these fun facts about Max! He is such a doll.

  2. I have to say that I usually think little girls are cute and little boys are bratty, but Max is a super cool little dude. I've never really heard him talk, I wouldn't have thought he'd have a markedly girly voice.

  3. Awww, what a special post. Lovely thoughts on Max and such an amazing photo!!!!