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02 February 2009

bepo strikes again!

If you are not familiar with our cat Bepo, the world was first introduced to him here.

I have a love/hate relationship with our cat: we got him as a tiny kitten (so I would have something other than Rob to smother with my affection) and saved him from death. He was very very sick when we adopted him (unbeknownst to us) and I believe being that sick at such a young age (the vet told us there was no way he was the age the shelter told us) caused some brain damage. So, he is not very bright and drives me crazy as a result, but I must admit he does do some crazy funny things. Hence the love/hate relationship. As mentioned last time I wrote about him, we got him to kill mice: he's done a pretty good job of keeping the mice away, but we'll still find evidence of them occassionally. This drives me crazy because if it weren't for the dang mice I might consider becoming a pet-less family. Anyway, so I don't mind him killing the mice that come in our house, but I would really prefer if he leave the poor innocent creatures outside alone. (I do realize I will never get my way in that regard, don't worry) Well, today was kind of warm and nice outside so I let Max play in the yard. disclaimer: I am not outside with Max the entire time he is, I prefer to pop in and out of the house so I can get some things done. For those of you that don't know, we kind of live in the country, so while we do have neighbors, we aren't on top of each other and don't interact that much (it also doesn't help matters that we live on a busy road so it's impossible to just take a walk and stop for a chat). We do see our next-door neighbor occasionally, though: she's a ninety-something great-grandma who lives alone. And the poor, sweet thing doesn't have much to entertain her, but she loves birds. A lot. Did I mention a lot? Well, she does. She spends most of her time in the back den, and has a bird feeder right outside the window. The way our house is situated on the lot, the front of our house is behind her house, so she is able to peep on us whenever she wants. This also means I can see her window and bird feeder perfectly. As Max and I do whatever in the front yard, I realize Bepo is not only in her yard, he is ON TOP OF THE BIRD FEEDER. I immediately scream at him (which caught the attention of another neighbor who was walking her dog in her backyard, oops) but to no avail- he has caught a bird and proudly brings it back to our yard for consumption. I am mortified and just pray that the little old lady was taking a nap or having a snack or ANYTHING but looking out the window admiring the bord at that point in time. If she was, I'm afraid any cordial feelings she had for us are gone. We're officially the annoying neighbors.


  1. I cracked up reading this! Who knew that one little boy and one cat could be such a handful! I am starting to worry about this mothering thing and about getting a dog for him....who knows what will happen!

  2. Our cat used to kill birds too. Don't feel bad. It is just nature taking it's course.