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23 April 2009

through the viewfinder

I've been waiting patiently for all the pieces I needed to make my own ttv device, and this past weekend I finally put them all together. And it was worth the wait! I LOVE the results: they're dreamy and romantic.

Here are my two sisters (one with her rat):

And then I handed off the camera and got an image of me (stealing Max's muffin):
And then he scarfed it pretty quickly all by himself:
And tonight (a lovely spring evening) I snapped a few of my guys (Max throwing whatever he can get his hands on, like usual):

And Rob relaxing in the hammock (that I made him buy- I think he's very glad I did):
I even got one of Bepo:
It even made our nasty, red-neckish yard look beautiful:
I can't wait to see what else will be transformed through this lens!

check out some more here.


  1. Wow! I want to see a picture of the device you're using to take these pictures!

  2. Please explain...what exactly is a "red-neckish yard"?!? :)

  3. Well, we have an acre of overgrown bushes (randomly placed), stumps in the middle of the yard, construction debris piled in the back from when we remodeled the bathroom two years ago, and our back deck is held up by haphazardly placed concrete blocks. Oh, and our house is metal and needs to be repainted because it's starting to rust in places. In our defense, though, all but the construction debris (although there was plenty of plain old trash) was here already. The people who lived here before us really were rednecks and took TERRIBLE care of the house. But you should see the inside- everyone always says "wow" or "I wasn't expecting this" because I have worked my magic (or at least as much as I can on our budget- I'd like to do a complete remodel someday)on the interior. So, I hope that answers your question:)

  4. Wow that is beautiful! You truly amaze me!

  5. That is really cool. You are so awesome at taking pictures!

  6. Hahahahaha...good answer, good answer.

    Also, thank you for the very sweet note. I love the fact that you're a fortune collector.