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30 June 2009

the sweetest thing.

Today Rob and I are celebrating our FIVE year wedding anniversary. Man, does time fly by! Some days it feels like we're still newlyweds. But at the same time, it feels like we've been married forever: I honestly can't really remember what life was like without him...

so here are some wedding pictures for you to enjoy: (is it just me, or have we changed a lot?)

And today we got the best anniversary present ever................ A JOB!!!!!

After many prayers, fasting, and even more prayers, Rob signed the papers today and is now part of the United States Army. Joining the military again has always been our backup backup plan, but one day last winter Rob came home from work and told me he'd stopped by the Army recruiter's office. I was sort of like, ok, why?, then I just knew that that's what we're supposed to do. I don't know why yet, and we may never really know, but we're trusting the Lord on this one. It's been a loooong process (we started way back in March) and at one point we weren't sure if was going to happen, but it's really happening! He leaves December 3rd for Officer Training School, and should commission as an officer in March. And at that point he'll find out what specific job he'll have and where we're headed (we're hoping for overseas at some point, but we'll see). So now we just sit tight until December.

And I, of course, have some pictures to commemorate the event. We thought that he'd be swearing in today in addition to signing the papers so I brought myself and my camera to MEPS in Raleigh to capture it. Ends up he didn't have to swear in because he's prior enlisted. So instead I just took a picture of him with his Army sticker:
And here's Rob with his recruiter, (Staff) Seargent Vernon. He's been awesome throughout this whole ordeal and we've grown quite fond of him: if you're looking to join up, we highly recommend him:
On the way back from MEPS we stopped for a yummy lunch (instead of an anniversary dinner) since it was not only lunchtime, but Rob hadn't eaten since about 2am when he left to go to MEPS. Oh, it was so good, see for yourself:
And lucky for us Max behaved himself (although he still made a mess, thank goodness we ate outside). And we snapped an impromtu family portrait:
And then snapped a couple of us. The turned out kind of weird, but when you're taking them yourself what do you expect?

And now comes the hard part (for me): learning all the military jargon. Right now it seems like everything Sgt. Vernon has told me has gone right over my head because I don't speak military yet (oh! the acronyms. They're going to be the death of me!) I hope I can do it. (And then the even harder stuff will start...) But we're all extremely excited and definitely ready to start the next chapter of our life!

Oh, I forgot to mention the best part: we can retire in 16 years if we want!


  1. My goodness girl! Getting a commission is such a BIG thing!! I'm so happy for you guys! I got to work with some army in the desert, it was a pleasure. :) I wish you the best with the military jargon, I still don't get it all and I've been in for over five years! Anyhoo, best wishes to you guys!! Happy anniversary!!

  2. Good luck, Rob! We need as many smart, capable people defending the country as we can. Thank you for being willing. Best wishes.

  3. Wow! As long as you know that it's what the Lord has planned for you, that's what matters. I wish you all the luck in the world. Maybe you'll end up on a post with the Minogue's. Jess can tell you all about it. Keep us posted.

  4. Congrats! I remember Rob talking about that possibility when we were there last. If you need any advice or have questions about being a military wife, feel free to ask! I do like the military life. It is kind of exciting and so honorable. I hope you enjoy yourselves!

  5. love the family portrait. it turned out REALLY WELL!!

  6. I will be so sad when you guys move :(. But I hope it is for the best for your family.

  7. Congrats!!! Welcome to the Military Wife club!! :) If ya need help with jargin I can help ya...I worked with Joint Fleet Forces so I am "learned" in all branches language! haha! Hope you enjoy it as much as I have. It is a huge change but an awesome opportunity! Anytime you come up to visit your brother give me a call...mom can give you digits.

  8. It sounds like this is a great opportuinuty for you guys. I can totally see you guys loving it overseas...I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
    Oh- and incase I haven't told you yet, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair the way you have it now. It is so freaking cute on you!