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22 December 2009

exactly one week later...

I look like this.

I had a lot of braxton hicks contractions on the trip down to Georgia to pick Rob up (which is not so fun when you're just sitting in a car for hours on end), with the result that I exploded! I'm probably twice the size I was in that previous picture.

Oh, and this baby is crazy. I started feeling him (we think) on the car ride down (again, it's hard to miss when you're doing nothing but sitting still for hours), and last night when I laid down for bed he started going crazy in there. And I mean crazy, I'm only 16 weeks and I could feel him kicking my hand (granted, it was only twice that I felt him with my hand, but the theatrics went on inside for awhile). This kind of scares me as Max was the most chill, calm baby ever.

Oh, and do you like my new top? I got it on post at the PX. Tax-free baby! If you pay any attention to what I wear, you may notice a trend: I really like henley tops and stripes. So naturally I bought this without even trying it on.

Oh, and on another note... the Goodwill pile is bigger. Someday it'll actually make it to the needy.


  1. I can't believe how much your belly grew! that's crazy! It's totally cute and so is your top!
    My in-laws are retired Navy, so I know all of the benefits of the Exchange (Navy PX)and things being tax-free! It rocks!!

  2. you did get bigger! and cuter! shaelyn was a crazy baby in utero. good luck! :)

  3. Hey, wow, I am seeing a cute little baby bump there!

  4. You are too cute in that top! And you belly is so adorable.

  5. You look awesome! And I am so happy for you.