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14 December 2009

my belly

Here I am at 15 weeks. Yes, I know there is barely anything there to you. But had I taken this picture before I was pregnant, it would be a straight line from the bottom of my ribs to my legs.

And fyi, that is not a pile of dirty clothes behind the door. It is the pile of stuff for Goodwill (in my defense, it was all in a big bag before Max used it as a stepping stool/playground)


  1. Your belly is cute:) I can totally see it especially knowing how tiny you are.

  2. great talk on sunday. i meant to track you down and tell you but never found you - you know how it is! but seriously, GREAT talk! and i loved the part you shared about how the YW values came to be. for some reason, i was able to hear your entire talk. that never happens! usually the girls are too unruly. so it was nice to hear a whole talk, and even better that it was a good talk to hear!

    you are totally a cute pregnant girl. and i love that skirt you have on.

  3. Look at that little bump! You are so cute.

  4. I'm so stinking excited for you guys! You make such a cute pregnant lady.