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10 May 2010

oh happy day!

OCS Graduation, in pictures...

And just for the record, the military knows how to put on a show. I was picturing us sitting on some bleachers outside a hanger or something, instead it was held at this awesome old Ironworks building:
(the graduates are the ones all the way to the right)

my soon-to-be-officer


I think Rob looks pretty good in uniform, what do you think?

Each graduate stood at attention on the stage right before their name was called so we could get a good look at them. I'm telling you, impressive show.

He's laughing here because I'm pretty sure his neighbor was commenting on how many pictures I was taking. But I couldn't help it, we ended up sitting in the same row as he was so all I had to do was lean forward slightly and click away.

The two of us after the ceremony, right before I start pinning.

Trying to get those darn bars on (it's not as easy as you'd think. And I put them too far in. I failed.)

Rob held those little backs for me and tried to coach me as I struggled. What a nice guy, huh?

Me and my Lieutenant! At last!

Isn't he dashing? I'm so going to miss the green uniforms, they go so well with his eyes.

And somehow we did not get a family picture with Rob in uniform. In fact, we didn't get a family picture at all. But Max was there. This was after the ceremony, back at our "chalet." Let me tell you, this place was nicer than my own house. Because of a mistaken cancellation, we got a free upgrade from a large cabin to this baby. You better believe we were livin' it up.

And here is Max giving Nicola some love. It's moments like this that give me hope they'll be best buds. And then there's those moments where Max punches my belly and I'm not so sure.
Guess we'll find out how he really feels soon enough...

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  1. Awww. Rob is so cute in his uniform. And how cute is Max kissing your belly? Those sweet little lips!