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08 March 2011

oh, children.


Life with 2 kids is different. Here's an example for you:

Today Max brought me a capri sun to open for him, so I did. Only I was a little thirsty too so I snuck a sip (am I the only mom who does that?). Except I wasn't as sneaky as I thought and Max freaked out. So I told him he could get another one and I'd keep that one. While he was throwing a fit on the floor (which means he wasn't listening too well). It only lasted for a minute though and he was off to go do whatever again and never came back so I forgot about it.

Until a couple minutes later. You see, Nick is crawling now. And guess what he found? An open capri sun. Which I found him shaking around, with capri sun flinging in the air. And when I tried to take it from him he instantly put his death grip on it. Which meant capri sun gushed out of the straw and all over him and the floor.

And that, my friends, is what happens to forgotten capri sun when you have 2 kids.


  1. Well he is so cute so I guess he can get away with making a mess.

  2. LOVE it!!!

    Erika Holmes