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30 March 2011

this post is on nothing in particular

I had set a goal for myself to blog a few times a week and was doing so well...

Then the Army decided my husband needed to be in the field a lot so I'm doing the single parent thing again. It's all good, we're just pretty busy over here. Ya know, life.

But hopefully I'll have the chance to sit down and spit out the posts rattling around in my head soon. Before I forget them...

Until then, enjoy looking at my boys.



I think they're swell.


  1. hope rob comes home soon! cute boys! when are you coming out here? shae and max need to see each other! :)

  2. Whenever I need a smile, I look at these two pictures. Beautiful, beautiful boys.

  3. kudos to military spouses! I don't know how you do it!