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29 August 2011

sunday best!

This week I dressed a little more appropriately for our still HOT weather. Since we've lived here less than a year I have no idea when (or if) fall comes... I have a feeling it's still way in the distance. I guess all my cute jackets will have to wait a little longer to see the light. Anyway, here's what I put together:

dress: Old Navy (I actually bought this dress when I was pregnant with Max. I've always been too small for maternity clothes so I have to improvise. Plus side to that: I can still wear a lot of it when I'm not pregnant anymore!)
shirt: Old Navy (I should just be a spokesperson for them, think I shop there enough?)
shoes: Forever 21 (they were at the top of my list to get with my birthday monely this year!) (these are actually a size too big but I figured for the price whatever. They don't actually make gladiator sandals in my size:( So I was a little desperate)


And my mom has dibs on this dress when I'm done with it so she can cut it up to use in quilts.

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