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22 August 2011

sunday best

Let's call this week the "wishing for fall even though it's still over 100 outside" outfit.

shirt: Old Navy (just one of their perfect tee's)
jacket: Old Navy
skirt: Old Navy (discovering a theme here?) (and if you haven't guessed, I wear this skirt a lot. Mainly 'cause it never needs to be ironed)
shoes: discount boot store in OK (same as here)
belt: Kohl's (same as here)
necklace: Ten Thousand Villages (on sale for $4!)


And since Nicola officially weaned while we were back east I lost those last extra pounds of "mommy weight" I had hanging around (although I could still do some work in the derriere region...) so I'm fitting back into pre-baby clothes. Which means I have a whole new world of clothes to choose from again! So hopefully I'll have different things to show from now on (instead of the same old 2 skirts)... as long as I do the ironing.

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