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26 April 2012

2011 in review: january

The original plan was to post about 2011 at the start of the new year... then my body decided to freak out over being pregnant. So you get them now!


first row, left to right:
1.  Since we had only been in El Paso a couple weeks the boys spent a lot of time hanging out in jammies/ a diaper while I tried to make some order out of the chaos. And I would stop to take pictures of them when I couldn't stand their cuteness anymore.
2.  Max enjoyed lots of video game time...
3.  We did, however, try to get as much fresh air as possible by taking lots of walks. We get quite pleasant weather during the winter here. (most of the time)
4.  A block away there is a park (which last year was just a big patch of grass) where we like to throw frisbees. Or, at least Max likes to throw them with dad. He has learned mom is not so great in the athletics department.  

second row, left to right:
5.  On her way back to school Aunt Laura came to visit for a couple weeks. Someone was very excited to see her!
6.  I just love that squishy face. And the fact that he lets me take pictures of him as much as I want. (Max, not so much)
7.  A smooch in the airport. Easily one of my favorite photos ever.
8.  Happy happy baby. Especially when given lots and lots of attention.

third row, left to right:
9.  Perler beads are one of Max's favorite things to do, and it's even better when Laura can help.
10.  Happy baby sitting in dad's lap while he's on the computer. Nothing beats sitting in a lap in reach of a keyboard!
11.  Checking out a present from Laura. And looking very cute while doing it.
12.  Max is totally blurry in this shot, but I love it anyway. Pictures of him really smiling and looking at the camera are pretty scarce so I'm not going to let a little blur deter me.

bottom row, left to right
13.  Max putting his hand in front of the camera lens to prevent me taking a picture of him... but I was too fast!
14.  Group naps are the best!
15.  Nick learned very young how to wrestle. And I learned pretty quickly that boys will be boys and that they're pretty durable.
16.  Saying goodbye to Aunt Laura:(  

Next up, February!

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