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30 April 2012

sunday best: pregnancy edition

So... I was hoping to put together such an awesome pregnancy outfit you would all say "WOW!" But the truth is, I have felt very homely this pregnancy and don't feel cute in anything. It didn't help that the outfit I had created in my mind for yesterday did not look the way I imagined on my body. So that was scrapped and this one was thrown on since we were running reeealllly late for church. It's the same dress as here, so not a maternity dress at all. Looking back, I wish I had put a belt on under my bust to help define my belly more (I'm not a fan of clothes that "hide" the belly, I feel like it just makes you look bigger than you are). And a cute jacket or cardigan would have been nice, but I was sweating just getting dressed (it got up to 97 degrees at one point this past week!) so that was nixed. But I have a cute accessory so that makes up for it, right? Oh, and since the last time I showed this dress I got some gladiator sandals! They work so much better! And, I also have to give a shout-out to Halftee, I'm wearing their boyfriend one here... it's so nice not to have the "shirt bump" along my bum when I have to layer! I think I'll be investing in a couple other colored ones at some point.

dress: Target
shirt: Halftee
shoes:  Forever 21







And as I was putting the pictures in, I realized maybe someone out there wonders about the boys clothes too...  So for Nick:
shirt:  Old Navy
pants:  Old Navy
shoes:  no clue.  They're hand me downs from Max, so probably Target.

and Max:
shirt:  Target (I'm in LOVE with Shaun White's clothing line there)
pants:  Old Navy
shoes: boot store here in El Paso


  1. I still think you look pretty cute even if you don't! :D

  2. kids are very cute.

    You seems 2-3 months pregnant..am i right?

    Sheila Burnett

  3. You are adorable! I love you.

  4. you are the cutest pregnant lady in the history of the world. hands down.